Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll

This is my sewing project from last weekend. I don't get too much time to sew, but it is therapy for me.
   It is hard to believe that it is Autumn.  Yesterday the temperatures were in the 80's here and 90's-100 farther inland,  ("in the valley"-still not sure where that is yet)  and it has been sunny.  At night it goes down into the 60's.  Elder McOmber still keeps the air conditioning on cooler than I need, but not as cool as he thinks he needs.   
     Since we live in a RV park, people are always coming and going.  Some are the same people that come and go, others come and leave.  There are a few like us, "residents".  One couple have lived here for 4 years, just moved spots a couple of times.  Elder McOmber has left 2 Book of Mormon's in the Laundry room.  They have gone and come back a couple of times.  Last night a lady that is parked near us started talking to him and he found out she has one of the Book of Mormons and is 2/3 the way through  reading it.  He talked with her for 30 minutes.  Maybe we can have the elders over for dinner and introduce them.  That is better than the people that hurry the other way when they hear we are missionaries.
My other project last weekend.  I just gathered orange material together around a pillow and around plastic garbage sacks to make my "pumpkins".
Here is our "garden" from Elder Warburton.  We have been eating tomatoes and peppers from it, so we do have a "harvest".

"Strong moral character results from consistent correct choices in the trials and testing of life. Such choices are made with trust in things that are believed and when acted upon are confirmed."
                        ”Richard G. Scott, "The Transforming Power of Faith and Character"
     It is hard to be here with some family issues at home in Idaho, we would like to be there to help and be a support.  It was interesting that this (Elder Scott's quote) was one of the messages sent to my e-mail this week then I had to reflect on Elder Carter's (one of our AP-Assistant to the President) teachings in Zone conference...
Elder Carter's baseball coach sent him a letter after he had been on his mission for about 4 months:   "Character is the ability to stick to a commitment when the initial excitement of the commitment is over."  The excitement is not over, but the pull of family is definitely there.  I have received a confirmation in my heart that this is where the Lord wants us to be.  He loves all his children and will help them all, including my troubled family, where ever they are.  He has definitely blessed us being here!

Elder McOmber "teaching" Elder Carter to leg wrestle in the middle of the office.  Did Elder Carter let Elder McOmber win?
     Wasn't Relief Society Conference great last night?  I loved it, especially President Eyring's talk about his daughter delivering a 25 week baby.  I knew what that family and the hospital staff were going through and yes, I still miss it.  It was at the conference that I received one of my confirmations that this is where the Lord wants us to be serving at this time.  I also heard the message about following the spirit and taking care of each other.  Things that I am trying to do on my mission.  There was so much good said, I want to listen to it again, my notes do not do it justice.  It was wonderful to soak up the spirit of the meeting.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Being a Nurse

      Dr and Sister Jackson will complete their mission this week and head back home. He is the AMA (Area Medical  Advisor, he covers all of Southern California, I think 9 missions).  They have been a VERY big help to me and a great resource.  They came to two of our three Zone Conferences this week. I forgot to get their picture, I thought of it as they drove away.   They gave me this "Willow Tree-Angel of Healing".  It is so nice and was so nice of them. They also included a special message I would like to share with you.  You all are nurses of some sort.  I have two daughters that are nurses professionally, but the rest of the family are nurses to their families and friends, students and neighbors.  I feel this way about each of you!

The Proverbs 31 Nurse
by Lois Sigmon Turley, RN
Who can find a good natured Nurse?
For her price is far above silver and gold.
She seeks medicines and skills,
and works willing with others.
She gives of herself
and considers her own desires last.
A heatwarming smile is hers,
and is made beautiful in her eyes.
She girds herself with honor
and strengthens her ability with patience.
She preceives that her work is good.
Her candle does not go out by night.
She lays her hands upon understanding.
She stretches out her hand to the poor;
yet, she reaches forth hands to the needy.
She is not afraid of sorrow,
for her trust is in God.
Pride and humility are her clothing,
and she shall rejoice in time to come.
She opens her mouth with comfort,
and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
Her associates rise up and call her blessed;
her patients also praise her kindness.
Many daughters have helped others,
but you excel them all.
Favor is deceitful, and beauty is vain.
But a Nurse that fears the Lord--
She shall be praised!

        It made me feel good.  I think of all my family.

      As I said we had Zone conferences this week.  I did my power point presentation, "Oh, My Aching....".  It was about some of the pains the Elders and Sisters call me with and where I get the answers I give them and why we have aches and pains. Sometimes I wonder if the Elders and Sisters understand what I am trying to convey, but one elder texted me, thanking me for the presentation.  That was very nice of him and maybe it did help, he made my day and I told him so.

         "As you can tell, we think about you and the problems you face a lot! We know that Heavenly Father loves missionaries and that it is possible for missionaries to be healthy anywhere they are called to serve – but it requires diligence and obedience to health principles by both the missionaries and the medical personnel who serve them."
             We ask God’s choice blessings to be with all of you.                                                                  Deanne Francis, RN           Chair: Mission Nurse Specialist Committee
    I am changing it a little:
            As you can tell, we think about you and the problems you face a lot! We know that Heavenly Father loves our family and that it is possible for our family to be happy and  healthy anywhere they are called to serve – but it requires diligence and obedience to gospel and health principles by both our family and the  personnel who serve them.   We ask God’s choice blessings to be with all of you.
"The wondrous manifestations of Christ's love for all bring hope and encouragement to those who suffer from ailments of all sorts."         -- Elder Alexander B. Morrison

Happy 16th Birthday Miranda!!!!  You made it without kissing a boy-congratulations. 
     Lonnie and I went to An Adult "Date Night" Fireside.  It was "The Song of the Righteous is a Prayer unto Me" by John Huntington, a renouned baritone.  He talked about singing in church and then gave a recital.  It was wonderful.  His voice filled the building.  I am glad I am doing choir at church.  I definitely will sign louder and with more passion after listening to him.  I love "feeling" the words of our hymns already. 
A sunset over the baseball field.  It was very pretty.
     There was a baseball game going on the other night, it was the crew of a brand newly built destroyer for the military which was being loaded here on Seal Beach.  One of the guys that was playing, kept looking at Elder McOmber and I.  He finally came over and introduced himself.  He was a member of our church from San Diego.  Elder McOmber almost got a tour of the destoyer, except we had Zone Conferences.  We had Brother Mosher over one evening for sandwiches and to visit while they were docked here.  He went on a mission to South America and is fairly newly married. It was a nice visit.  It was interesting how difficult it is starting up a new ship for the Navy.
     I love this picture Sara sent me... just want to share it.

Neli helping herself to cake.
       I did some sewing Saturday.  Elder McOmber helped clean out a storage shed and was gone for a while.  I got the cleaning done and had time to get out my sewing machine.  I am embroidering a garden flag for out in our "yard" and making stuffed pumpkins for our front window.  Feels real good to be creating!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Multicultural Mission/Thank you Quigleys

 Some mornings we wake up to the foghorn that booms out on the ocean, less than a mile away.  The ocean has been the means of bringing many nations to our great country of America!  Our missionaries are here to help bring the gospel to these many nationalities.

"Surely there is a way for people of goodwill who love God and have taken upon themselves the name of Christ to stand together for the cause of Christ and against the forces of sin."
Jeffery R. Holland

Cambodian--it says something along the lines of if you study and put forth your effort, the Lord will bless you and help you with a foreign language.  On the kitchen wall in one of the Elders' apartment.
We have in our mission many cultures.  It is quite impressive to me.  We had many in San Antonio, TX when we lived there, but this beats it! 
      We have the only Cambodian ward in the entire world.  We have 6 Elders that speak and read cambodian, VERY IMPRESSIVE to me!!  We had one that spoke Cambodian, Spanish and English. The Pres. called him our secret weapon--he could go anywhere and teach the gospel.
This section of town is for India.  These are the traditional India Indian dresses.
There are large areas of towns that  specialize for just one nationality.  We have a Samoan, Tongan, India, Afro American, Hispanic, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Phillipino, Japanese, Korean and other sections of town in our mission.  We had a Jewish neighbor for a while here in the campground.  Lonnie had some discussions about religion with him.  We have Missionaries from Phillipines, China,  Mexico, South America,  and all over the United States of America.  Sometimes  I have trouble understanding when they call me with medical problems and need to have their companions interpret for me.
The signs are in many languages.

      One elder told us he was teaching some Egyptian people, but had problems getting printed material for them.  My hairdresser is Armenian, she was born and grew up in Istanbul and came to America for an arranged marriage 25 years ago.  There are Vietnamese in her shop that give pedicures and manicures.  There are donut shops on every corner.  I have been told that is because the Phillipino people know how to make good donuts and when they come to America, they want to start a business, so they make donuts.  Sister Thompson, whose home we helped paint is Samoan. 
Two of our Elders with Elder McOmber. The ocean and city of downtown Long Beach in the background.
     We have finished our second time at checking the 70 apartments of our Elder and Sisters.  We are feeling more confident and it is not taking quite so long to find and check the apartments.  The President wants us to keep checking them.  Elder McOmber also helps them move as needed.  We have recommended that, for health reasons, a couple of sets of Elders be moved. It is fun getting to know these wonderful young men and women!

Elder McOmber showing how to keep the stovetop clean while talking on the phone to another elder.  He shows them how to use the comet and other cleaning supplies.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Glen, Sara, Maci, Avri, Quin and Neli for keeping our home up while we are away!   We couldn't do it without your support!
Neli, Quin, Maci and Avri
Glen fixing lawn mower
Maci and Neli mowing
Quin with roses in front yard.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

"What do you do all day?"

Coyote near our campground, out in broad daylight.
I had an elder ask me "What do you do all day?"
 Let me see....
     I answer the phone all hours day and night from Elders and Sisters and answer their medical questions,  most calls are between 7 AM and 10 PM. Some days I have had as many as 50+ phone calls and others I have only had 2.   I research any problems that I don't know the answers for.  I have to chart all conversations with missionaries on the computer in Missionary Medical.  I find information such as stretching exercises, info on their problems and send it to them.  I feel the more informed they are, the better they will take care of themselves. 
     Elder McOmber and I inspected apartments three days this week. This is the second time around during our mission. We can see about 6-10 apartments in one day.  We have 70 apartments.  Some weeks the elders are too busy and we can not get out to see their apartments.  Some of our inspections are "surprise visits".  Please teach you children how to clean house.  There were some apartments that were 4-5 out of 10 (we rate them) and Elder McOmber teaches them how to clean and keep clean.  It is nice to go out and see that some of them followed his instructions.  There are some apartments that have cockroach problems and it is no wonder.  We spend extra time teaching in those apartments.
     I prepare power point presentations and articles for the newsletter.  The subjects usually go with what I have had the most calls about.  My next power point will be "Oh my Aching....." and talk about all their body parts that ache.
     I help at the office, Elder McOmber fixes bikes, cars, vacuums, dressers, builds bookshelves, helps open new apartments, moves the Elders, inventories storage sheds,  assists the other elders in the office.  Our bishop here even called him to ask about an electrical problem he had at his home. 
     We attend Zone conferences, some district meetings and Farewell firesides as well as many other meetings. 
     In the mornings we exercise, I don't want to encourage the Elders or Sisters to do things I am not willing to do, so we get up at 0545 and exercise. 
     We stay very busy, probably busier that if we were home working full time.  We usually get back "home" to our motor home around 5-7 PM.  We study our scriptures, personally and read to each other.  We have finished the Book of Mormon in 78 days.  We sometimes study Preach My Gospel. 
     We have visited a nursing home, single sisters and their families that the Elders are not allowed to visit and others in our ward.
     Yes, a mission is hard work, but sooooo worth it!!!! 
     We could not do it if we did not have family that is helping to take care of things for us also!!  We appreciate them so much!

Annalea and "Kat"
This is Chad's work.  He works with marine mammals for the military.  He swims with the sea lions and dolphins.  We did not see it this time, but will if we ever make it back down again. This is his family.

Colton and Chandler
Annalea and Caleb
    Today, Chandler and Colton are singing in a Stake Choir that Chad says "will make you cry, Mom."  Our mission president gave us permission to come to San Diego (less than 2 hour trip) to hear our grandsons sing in the choir.  I have kleenex all ready!!  
Have a great day!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The same moon is over all of us!

Hasn't the moon been beautiful this week!!
Three different shots on different days all around the campground.
This is over a softball field.  The campground is on the left.
This week Elder McOmber and myself finished the Book of Mormon in 90 days(actually it was about 78 days.)  The stories make more sense and we understood it alot better reading it outloud to each other and we could discuss what we read.  It was awesome.  I highly recommend everyone reading it, whether fast or slow.  It contains the Words of God. It will help you in your life.   Our mission President challenges all missionaries to read it in 90 days, we accepted and accomplished.
Elder Warburton gave Elder McOmber this remote plane.  One evening he tried it out and crashed it.  It has been glued, but have not had time to try it again.  He said he got it up for a "little bit".  I did not see.
     This is Elder McOmber's cat, Buddy.  With Lonnie's ADD, he feels that the cat helps him (and me).  The cat was rescued from Leisure World and we think he was abused.  He has been declawed on all 4 paws, so doesn't even want to escape, but does like his outdoor perch that Elder McOmber made for him.
     This week we helped a Sr couple move out of their apartment(they were going home);  helped Elders move to a new apartment; took Elders to Urgent Care and checked apartments for cleanliness.  One of the Elders that we moved, Elder Ulu(Samoan), likes to call Elder McOmber, Buddy.  We had one elder in the ER with a possible appy and another with a broken arm from a bicycle accident.  There were 2 bicycle accidents this week.  One of our cleanliness checks was a "suprise visit" per the pres.  They were surprised and needed to be checked out.  It was dirty and had a bad cockroach problem(Go figure)!  They all get my "mom" lecture...."If you keep it up, it isn't as hard to keep clean.  If you let it go, it takes alot longer to clean."  and "a place for everything and everything in it's place."  I also tell them how Elder McOmber and myself work together to clean and do laundry/dishes/etc.  I tell them that their future wives will like it better if they keep things clean and work together.  They usually like that idea.  (of a future wife, at least).  Some of the elders can keep their apartments awesome.  We are going to try to figure out a way to reward the ones that keep their apartments nice.
Last night, I needed a break.  It was our P day, so we went for a ride down by the ocean.  These are some pictures I took.
The Queen Mary
Elder McOmber found this "TV prop".  It is a 50 year old EKG machine.  I would be afraid that it would electrocute someone if we tried to use it.  He finds the strangest things and brings them home.  We only have so much room,  what do I do with this???   Jami says she wants it (she used to be an EKG tech before she became an RN.)
(she says I am suppose to say, "she is my favorite daughter", but all my daughters are my favorites--they all are awesome! so is my son!)