Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our first week is complete and I am feeling even more inadaquate.  I am starting to know the names of some of our Elders and Sisters. We only have 151 (one Visa Waiter) of them, with 67 apartments.   I am on call 24/7, but there are more busy times, usually around 1030AM and 9:30 PM.  We work with 2 wonderful couples in the office, the Warburton's from Utah and the Whitaker's from here in Long Beach.  Lonnie and I will be visiting the Elder's and Sister's apartments to make sure they are healthy(clean, no science experiments in the fridge, no roaches, adaquate carpets, etc)  We are going to talk to the Elders and Sisters about good health as we visit and answer any mediacal questions.  I have alot to learn about the medical system and medical providers here.  They say that using your mind helps prevents alzheimers--I hope this works, but I sure am using my mind alot, learning alot.  We are only 15 minutes from the office, but we take a different way home each day, trying to learn the lay out of the city. 
     Today, Lonnie and I went to Newport Beach Temple:  very beautiful!

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  1. I am so proud of you! I love reading your blog. I finished reading and I said to my husband, "She is such a wonderful person and those missionaries are lucky to have her looking after them."
    My youngest son is in the MTC right now. He will be going to South America in July.