Saturday, April 5, 2014

What an AWESOME Adventure!!!!

Just as the flowers bloom at different times and in different stages, we all have a time and a place that is right for us to do important things in our lives. This was the right time for our mission, and it is hard to see it come to a close!  But we know it is the right time and  we are again in the right place!
     "To every man there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing unique to him and fitted to his talent."
                        Sir Winston Churchill

     We both, Lonnie McOmber and Kathy McOmber have had that opportunity.  We can see how the Lord needed us in the GREAT California Long Beach Mission at this time and we needed this experience!  We feel it has been our privilege to serve the Lord, Mission Presidents and wives, missionaries and the people in the area.  As always, change is hard.  We had a hard time leaving home two years ago, and then had a hard time leaving our mission, but again, we know this is where we need to be at this time.  Next week there is going to be a new ward formed in our stake and we know it involves us, so there will be plenty of opportunities to serve.

This is our friend Joann from Long Beach.  Thank goodness for texting, we have continued to communicate.  Lonnie went back down to Long Beach.  He left 28 hours after we got home.  He went to pick up a 1947 Mercury 2 door old car.  My brother Bill went with him (from Nephi, UT).  He should be home any second! He has to be exhausted!
Saying "Good bye" to our many wonderful friends at the departure fireside. 
Our granddaughters, Maci and Avri were able to go to the departure fireside and took this picture of the missionaries present singing "We'll Bring the World His Truth". 
Our last morning there, I had my last check up at the VA hospital in Long Beach.  I am finding a doctor here to finish my treatments.  The one thing we will not miss is the traffic...not  at all!
Maci and Avri were able to ride home with us.  We did it in 2 days.  We read the book The Guardian by Gerald Lund out loud all the way home.  It started raining in Salt Lake City, then snow in northern Utah and all the way through Pocatello.  It was clear here in Rigby. 

Our family was very happy to see us home...they met us at the door with cheers, it was so wonderful!
We could not have done our mission without the support of many people, but especially Glen, Sara and kids; they managed all our "business" here at home.  I made this as a small token of thanks.
     We were release the night we got into town.  Our "new" Stake President, our friend, George Olaveson, asked what was the best part of our mission, we couldn't shut up....there were so many wonderful parts of our mission.  We could have gone on all night! 

I went by my Labor and Delivery work to see my friends.  I was welcomed with open arms, made me cry, I appreciate them so much!  This is one of my friends, Lori.
I was able to go to watch my granddaughter, Miranda (#15),  play volleyball between General Conference sessions.  She gave me what I consider a HUGE compliment.  She asked what conference was about and I was telling her what was said in the morning session, she said "You still sound like a missionary!" 
This is another blessing of being home, being able to watch all the grandkids sports.
A successful spike!
Since we do not have cable or internet at our home yet, we watched General Conference at Glen and Sara's home with our grandkids.  These are their worksheets. 

Maci and I taking notes.

I would like to close this Memoir with  a 4th verse that an Elder in our mission wrote for "We'll Bring the World His Truth".  This verse is by Elder Alexander Richie 2012-2013
We have the faith,
That God will provide.
The children who which,
The spirit will drive.
Praying by day,
And working till night,
We'll conquer battles
And win the fight. 
We are as the Army of Heleman
Di-sciples called since our youth.
Long Beach, Ca-li!
Sing praises to our God
As we bring the world His Truth.

Carol M Stephens in the Oct 2013 General RS Meeting said:
     " When you love, watch over, and serve others in small and simple ways, you are actively participating in the work of salvation, God’s work “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” 

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Sing we now at parting
One more strain of praise.
To our Heavenly Father
Sweetest songs we’ll raise.
For his loving kindness,
For his tender care,
Let our songs of gladness
Fill this Sabbath air.     Hymn 156        
     Yes, it is a bittersweet time.  We are preparing to go home, we are excited to see our loved ones;  friends and family,  BUT we will miss our many friends and "family" here in the California Long Beach Mission, the best mission in the world!!  This week was a whirlwind of activities for "departing missionaries." 

All Senior Couples had dinner at President and Sister Tew's home last Saturday night.  Elder and Sister Barlow and us are the ones going home.
The President was late, so Elder McOmber cooked the meat.
We are saying good bye to many good friends and families.  This is the Edgars from Los Alamitos Ward.  They have been special friends.
We had family home evening at the Reynolds home.  This is one of our guests this last week.
Tuesday we had 9 new missionaries come.  Our transfer day got messed up so they came one week earlier than the departures.  It was fun to meet all the new ones.
Wednesday all departing missionaries went to Los Angeles Temple. 
All departing missionaries and President and Sister Tew.
We all went to this hole in the wall restaurant after the Temple.  They serve El Salvadorian food. 
They are called Pupusas (a pancake filled with cheese and a variety of things.)
Sister Adams and Sister Workman, they will be taking my place.
Dr Pan my oncologist. (I know she looks VERY young).  I had my last visit with her.  She says everything is looking good.  YAAAA!
A few of our wonderful sisters were at the office Friday.  We took pictures for them and for us.
Everyone loves Elder McOmber and all the help he has given to the mission.
Our camp host's wife, Liz.  They are moving on also, they had been camp host for 4 years.  They were the first people that we met when we got here and they just happened to be LDS.  They left today.
Glen Drove Lonnie's pickup down from Idaho.  He is towing Lonnie's old truck with a bunch of other of Lonnie's "stuff" back to Utah and Idaho.
Maci and Avri came down with their dad and will be riding home with us in the motor home.  Today we took them to the beach to look for shells.   We have had fun playing games also.
Elder and Sister McOmber
     We have our departure fireside tomorrow night so there will be at least one more posting after this one.  Our mission has been the most wonderful adventure.  I love my Savior and am praying that our service to Him has been acceptable.  I love the missionaries of California Long Beach Mission, a part of my heart will stay here and our memories are sweet. 
 President McKay closed a conference with these words: “As we come to this parting hour, I hope that the teachings and life of the Master seem to you all to be more beautiful, more necessary, and more applicable to human happiness than ever before. … Accepting him as my Redeemer, Savior, and Lord, I accept his gospel as the plan of salvation, as the one perfect way to human happiness and peace." 
And I say AMEN!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Serve as the Savior Served

"The Savior is our example of unselfish service. His perfect life was devoted to serving Heavenly Father and all of His Father’s children......One of the assurances that you are being purified is an increasing desire to serve others for the Savior".  President Henry B. Eyring

We do not have sea gulls around our Motor home park because there are hawks.


The hawks are watching for a meal.  They like these ground squirrels that are all over the Navy Base.  Sometimes we see rows of them standing by their holes sunning themselves.
Last Sunday we went to a baptism.  It was awesome and there were many of our missionaries there

Elder and Sister McOmber

Monday we were invited out to dinner with our friends.  It was a Korean Bar b que buffet where you cooked your meat in the middle of your table.  Fun experience.

Fred and Vilma.  They are Phillapino but are American citizens.  He was in the US military.  Some family paid him $2,000. to marry Vilma so she could be a US citizen.  They said the marriage  would only be for a "short time".  They have been married for 34 years.  We gave them a Book of Mormon.  Vilma has a cousin that is LDS also.   She is already serving as Jesus Served.  She would bring us meals when I felt the worse with Chemo.
Elder McOmber is training several missionaries to help with bikes so Elder Olson can supervise.
The mission got 4 new cars, I was able to drive the pretty red one home from the dealer.
I love visiting with the missionaries at the office.  They are really special people.
This is Sister Jan Adams a retired nurse that wants to help on the mission.  She is awesome and I  feel much better with her taking care of "my" missionaries.  We spent one day, orienting her and we will work together this week.  She will do fine!  She already knows many of our missionaries and they all love her.
My 86 year old friend Marvin that I wrote about last week.  He is really special.
Amber and me on my last day of radiation......
Yessssssss,  I am finished with radiation!!!!!!!!!  I have 2 more doctors appointments here, then will transfer my care to SLC VA. 
Elder McOmber's cat Buddy.  He sits out there and watches the bunnies that sit right below him.  The hummingbirds like to hover right above him and birds sit in the tree right next to him.  They know he can not get to them. 

"The Savior teaches us how we can learn to serve others. He served perfectly, and we must learn to serve as He learned—line upon line (see D&C 93:12–13). Through the service we give, we can become more like Him. We will pray with all the energy of our hearts to love our enemies as He loves them (see Matthew 5:43–44; Moroni 7:48). Then we may at last become fitted for eternal life with Him and our Heavenly Father".   President Henry B. Eyring