Saturday, March 29, 2014


Sing we now at parting
One more strain of praise.
To our Heavenly Father
Sweetest songs we’ll raise.
For his loving kindness,
For his tender care,
Let our songs of gladness
Fill this Sabbath air.     Hymn 156        
     Yes, it is a bittersweet time.  We are preparing to go home, we are excited to see our loved ones;  friends and family,  BUT we will miss our many friends and "family" here in the California Long Beach Mission, the best mission in the world!!  This week was a whirlwind of activities for "departing missionaries." 

All Senior Couples had dinner at President and Sister Tew's home last Saturday night.  Elder and Sister Barlow and us are the ones going home.
The President was late, so Elder McOmber cooked the meat.
We are saying good bye to many good friends and families.  This is the Edgars from Los Alamitos Ward.  They have been special friends.
We had family home evening at the Reynolds home.  This is one of our guests this last week.
Tuesday we had 9 new missionaries come.  Our transfer day got messed up so they came one week earlier than the departures.  It was fun to meet all the new ones.
Wednesday all departing missionaries went to Los Angeles Temple. 
All departing missionaries and President and Sister Tew.
We all went to this hole in the wall restaurant after the Temple.  They serve El Salvadorian food. 
They are called Pupusas (a pancake filled with cheese and a variety of things.)
Sister Adams and Sister Workman, they will be taking my place.
Dr Pan my oncologist. (I know she looks VERY young).  I had my last visit with her.  She says everything is looking good.  YAAAA!
A few of our wonderful sisters were at the office Friday.  We took pictures for them and for us.
Everyone loves Elder McOmber and all the help he has given to the mission.
Our camp host's wife, Liz.  They are moving on also, they had been camp host for 4 years.  They were the first people that we met when we got here and they just happened to be LDS.  They left today.
Glen Drove Lonnie's pickup down from Idaho.  He is towing Lonnie's old truck with a bunch of other of Lonnie's "stuff" back to Utah and Idaho.
Maci and Avri came down with their dad and will be riding home with us in the motor home.  Today we took them to the beach to look for shells.   We have had fun playing games also.
Elder and Sister McOmber
     We have our departure fireside tomorrow night so there will be at least one more posting after this one.  Our mission has been the most wonderful adventure.  I love my Savior and am praying that our service to Him has been acceptable.  I love the missionaries of California Long Beach Mission, a part of my heart will stay here and our memories are sweet. 
 President McKay closed a conference with these words: “As we come to this parting hour, I hope that the teachings and life of the Master seem to you all to be more beautiful, more necessary, and more applicable to human happiness than ever before. … Accepting him as my Redeemer, Savior, and Lord, I accept his gospel as the plan of salvation, as the one perfect way to human happiness and peace." 
And I say AMEN!!!!

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  1. What wonderful pictures! There is such a sweet spirit, glow, in the pictures. THANK YOU!! Best of luck to you and let's stay in touch :)