Saturday, August 31, 2013

I love to see the Temple

I realize I put many pictures of the Temple on my blog, but today, Elder McOmber and I went to the Los Angeles Temple and I loved this picture.  It looks like the Angel Moroni is blowing the clouds away.  That is how I see going to the Temple.  It is a place away from the world that puts life into perspective and "blows our clouds away".  A place of peace.   I love it!

"We all long for peace. Peace is not just safety or lack of war, violence, conflict, and contention. Peace comes from knowing that the Savior knows who we are and knows that we have faith in Him, love Him, and keep His commandments, even and especially amid life's devastating trials and tragedies."
Quentin L. Cook, "Personal Peace: The Reward of Righteousness"
     Yes, we were busy again this week, I guess I should quit saying that, as we are busy every week!  Elder McOmber was out until 10 PM Monday and Tuesday, and by Wednesday, the Assistants to the President brought him home by 6 PM and told him he was not allowed to work late any more this week.  He still went to work early everyday, some days by 0630.  I rode with him to downtown Los Angeles to pick up more bunk beds and dressers for apartments.  I was also able to go into the office for several hours Tuesday and Wednesday.  I interview and visit with  the new missionaries for health related issues.

Sunday night was the departure fireside.  It is always spiritual.  We have such talented missionaries. They never want to go home.  Elder McOmber has been made a bouncer to shoo them all back to work. 
     This week was transfers and we got our new missionaries.  They used my camera for pictures to send to the mom and dads so I am including a couple.
Sister and President Tew with some of our new missionaries.
     Chad, Amy, Annalea, Chandler, Colton and Caleb all came to visit Saturday through Tuesday. My baby has retired from the military--am I old enough to have a child retire??????  I guess so.
My "little" boy-Chad. (6' 5")   He wore his uniform to church with us just for me--I was always a softee for a guy in uniform!  Yes, my husband wore one when we were married (not to the ceremony).
They have their camper.  They are traveling across America, visiting family, friends, and seeing the sights.  Their first stop was here.
Dr and Sister Peterson came to visit us on Sunday afternoon.  We talked "shop" as well as had a wonderful visit. 
Chad had some good suggestions for some of our concerns on taking call.  He had met Dr. Peterson before when he towed his 1930 car up to Springville, UT  area. 
Annalea helped in the office on Tuesday.  She is 13 and wants to be a missionary.  She is reading a book by John Bytheway about things "I wished I knew before my mission."  She has a heart of gold and had missionaries sign a card she made and gave me a bag....

This is the bag she gave me filled with things to do while I am having chemo.  We had some really good discussions. 
Chad, Chandler and Colton helped Papa (Elder McOmber) by putting some of the new missionaries' bikes together.  It was a BIG help!
We roasted marshmellows one night.  We all have a sweet tooth!
Chad and Elder McOmber
Papa helped Chad fix his trailer.  He is also helping a fairly new convert fix up his '78 camero.  He is helping with the engine.  Boy does he love getting back under a hood!
The new guys meeting up with their trainers.  Annalea said that the new missionaries looked terrified.
The sisters meeting their trainers.

Elder McOmber discovered an ear bug and has fallen in love with it.  It is a $450. fine for talking on the phone while driving here in California.  This is him with some of our sisters  in the office.  Aren't they all cute!

One of our coyote friends that roams the campground.  We rarely see them in the daylight. 
"May your homes be filled with peace, harmony, courtesy, and love. May they be filled with the Spirit of the Lord." Thomas S. Monson, "Until We Meet Again"

PS.  The Oncologist says I will need Chemo every 2 weeks for 8 treatments (16 weeks).  I am waiting to get a port, then it will start.  Not sure with the holiday when it will be placed.   God is Good and I trust in him.  A funny for this week:  I read D&C 9:14   "Stand fast in the awork wherewith I have bcalled you," ........................I though that reaffirms that I am doing what I am suppose to be doing by continuing in my calling as a missionary, but I laughed at the next part...................."and a hair of your head shall not be lost,"............. and you shall be clifted up at the last day. Amen."  (Wait a minute, does that mean chemo will not make my hair fall out?   :)  I don't think so, ha ha.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

    This week has been filled with healing!  I am feeling so much better!

    This is Los Alamitos Church house were we attend every Sunday.  The members of this ward are wonderful people and have provided meals, cards, flowers, visits and been true examples of Christians.

         Last Sunday I went to Sacrament meeting.  It had been less than two weeks since my second surgery, but it felt sooooo good to be able to go to church!  I felt the spirit so strong and soaked up the wonderful feelings.  Many people made me feel good as well.  One sister came up to me and told me I had changed her life.  I am not sure about that, but it was such a nice compliment.  A missionary can hear no better compliment!  Our first hymn that we sang was  this: "Improve the Shining Moments".  The words touched me and I needed Kleenex.  Lonnie wants to fix me, so that I don't cry, but sometimes a girl just has to cry.  It touched my heart so I decided to share the words with you.

    Improve the shining moments;
    Don't let them pass you by.
    Work while the sun is radiant;
    Work, for the night draws nigh.
    We cannot bid the sunbeams
    To lengthen out their stay,
    Nor can we ask the shadow
    To ever stay away.
    Time flies on wings of lightning;
    We cannot call it back.
    It comes, then passes forward
    Along its onward track.
    And if we are not mindful,
    The chance will fade away,
    For life is quick in passing.
    'Tis as a single day.
     As wintertime doth follow
    The pleasant summer days,
    So may our joys all vanish
    And pass far from our gaze.
    Then should we not endeavor
    Each day some point to gain,
    That we may here be useful
    And ev'ry wrong disdain?
    Improve each shining moment.
    In this you are secure,
    For promptness bringeth safety
    And blessings rich and pure.
    Let prudence guide your actions;
    Be honest in your heart;
    And God will love and bless you
    And help to you impart.
    Text and music: Robert B. Baird, 1855-1916
         Lonnie and I started going back to the gym this Wednesday.  My workouts are not very strenuous, but I feel it is helping me to heal.  My emotional status is much better when I exercise.  I want to be prepared for the next big hurdle and stay mentally stable for answering our missionaries' questions.        
        We talked with the doctors in radiation and they said that I definitely need radiation on the left side of most of my chest and armpit.  The right side is -"probably not needed".  BUT  I need to finish chemo first.  We talk to those doctors on Monday to find out when we start that.  My daughters, sister and missionaries  have provided me with hats and scarves to keep my bald head warm and covered.  I am so thankful to them.
    Neli is 2 years old and she took pictures of me. She would not move her finger from in front of the lens.
         Sara and kids drove home straight thru for 14 hours last weekend.  They stopped a few times, once at "Uncle Bill's".   They were a big help for the week they were here. 
    Quin, our acrobatic guy
    Maci and Sara
    Quin and Avri
          By the end of this week, I was ready to go back to work!  I realize that I have to pace myself and short days are probably going to be my normal, but I can do my calling from my motor home and chart on the computer there as well.  This next week is transfers and it is always a very busy time so Elder McOmber is busy at the office and setting up new apartments.  He has 4 new apartments that he is setting up this week.  He recruits missionaries to do service to help him.  I think he has finally decided he can not do it all himself.
    Elder McOmber and Elder Pollard in his "bike room".
    In my office  I see Elders and Sisters to check on their medical concerns.  This is Elder Eto..
    The AP's are dividing the areas again.  We keep getting more and more missionaries.  They are by a map of our mission discussing with zone leaders about how an area can be divided.
    Sister Hamilton is helping Sister Barlow get the boxes of pamphlets and newsletters ready for the zones.
    Friday was a busy day with leadership meetings and training meetings.  The office is a beehive of activity.
    I am so thankful for the healing that has happened so far and for being able to return to my missionary work.  It is awesome and so are all our missionaries.
    "The gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It has been restored to bless our lives in these latter days. It contains all the truths, principles, and ordinances contained in our Father in Heaven's great plan of happiness, which is a plan for us to return and live with Him in the eternal realms beyond."
    รข€”L. Tom Perry, "The Past Way of Facing the Future"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everything is a miracle!

"Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey and share our love with friends and family. One day, each of us will run out of tomorrows. Let us not put off what is most important." Thomas S. Monson, "Love at Home--Counsel from Our Prophet"

     This week Sara, Maci, Avri, Quin, and Neli came to visit and help "Papa" and I as I recovered from my second surgery.  I have been so blessed.  Lonnie has been a great support, but it helped to have others around keeping my mind busy.  They all spoiled me.....
I received leg and feet rubs from Avri just about everyday.  Neli often helped.
Sara helped fix meals, sometimes people brought us food. 
I was "highly" encouraged to SIT.  Don't have to twist my arms very much to relax with Neli.
I had my walking partners.  Each day I would try to walk a little farther and the playground was a good destination.  We could stop and rest (kids could play) when we got there.
Maci and Sara took turns styling my hair.
Sara and Lonnie went as a support with me to my Dr appointment.  This is Dr. Butler, who preformed both surgeries.
Mother's Beach.  The kids played more on the playground than in the water.
Papa and I sat in the shade.

Sister Reynolds, another full time missionary made pillow cases for all my grand kids visiting.  They loved them.  She sets such a great example for me in all that she does for others
Neli and Quin cuddled up, sleeping on the hid a bed.

Sara and Papa washed the motor home.  Maci and Papa polished it!  They were a great help!
Our next door neighbor has two dogs.  Neli is crazy about all dogs.  This one is  only a 2 1/2 months old Yorkie.  The minute the neighbors got home from work, the kids were over there to pet the doggies.
Yesterday we went for a ride.  We saw the amazing Long Beach terminal where all the barges from overseas comes to unload cargo and went to the Korean Friendship Bell.  The kids said it was like we were on top of the world.
This was one of my walks for yesterday.
"Nothing can fully take the place of the blessed relationship of family life." Thomas S. Monson
We are sitting on a tail of a Great White Whale.  Quin had to plug his nose because we were going to be "splashed into the water".  I sat down for most of this tour of the Cabrillo Aquarium.

Neli, Quin, Avri, Maci
Seal Beach Navy Base has it's own beach.  Friday my walk was from the car to sit in a lawn chair at the beach and watch the kids play.

She wore an "itsy, bitsy, teeny weeny.... polka dot bikini". Miss Neli

Last night we roasted marshmellows.  They had fun, although this picture was taken by surprise.
Yummy!  They got everywhere, yes, even on her forehead and hair!
     Sara and kids left this morning to return to home.  Please remember them in your prayers as they travel.  This is when I worry the most.  I know they are in God's hands.  I have regained much needed strength this week, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I thank my family-where ever they are!

     I had a couple of calls from our missionaries this week, but for the most part, Sister Tew has been very good to take their calls while I rest.  I think after these two weeks of rest, I am about ready to get back to my missionary work of helping them stay healthy.  I know I have to be healthy to care for them.  There will be more doctor appointments and more treatments, but I am thinking this is longest I will need to be off to recuperate, as always, I will trust in the Lord!    

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
- Albert Einstein
Life is a miracle!