Saturday, March 22, 2014

Serve as the Savior Served

"The Savior is our example of unselfish service. His perfect life was devoted to serving Heavenly Father and all of His Father’s children......One of the assurances that you are being purified is an increasing desire to serve others for the Savior".  President Henry B. Eyring

We do not have sea gulls around our Motor home park because there are hawks.


The hawks are watching for a meal.  They like these ground squirrels that are all over the Navy Base.  Sometimes we see rows of them standing by their holes sunning themselves.
Last Sunday we went to a baptism.  It was awesome and there were many of our missionaries there

Elder and Sister McOmber

Monday we were invited out to dinner with our friends.  It was a Korean Bar b que buffet where you cooked your meat in the middle of your table.  Fun experience.

Fred and Vilma.  They are Phillapino but are American citizens.  He was in the US military.  Some family paid him $2,000. to marry Vilma so she could be a US citizen.  They said the marriage  would only be for a "short time".  They have been married for 34 years.  We gave them a Book of Mormon.  Vilma has a cousin that is LDS also.   She is already serving as Jesus Served.  She would bring us meals when I felt the worse with Chemo.
Elder McOmber is training several missionaries to help with bikes so Elder Olson can supervise.
The mission got 4 new cars, I was able to drive the pretty red one home from the dealer.
I love visiting with the missionaries at the office.  They are really special people.
This is Sister Jan Adams a retired nurse that wants to help on the mission.  She is awesome and I  feel much better with her taking care of "my" missionaries.  We spent one day, orienting her and we will work together this week.  She will do fine!  She already knows many of our missionaries and they all love her.
My 86 year old friend Marvin that I wrote about last week.  He is really special.
Amber and me on my last day of radiation......
Yessssssss,  I am finished with radiation!!!!!!!!!  I have 2 more doctors appointments here, then will transfer my care to SLC VA. 
Elder McOmber's cat Buddy.  He sits out there and watches the bunnies that sit right below him.  The hummingbirds like to hover right above him and birds sit in the tree right next to him.  They know he can not get to them. 

"The Savior teaches us how we can learn to serve others. He served perfectly, and we must learn to serve as He learned—line upon line (see D&C 93:12–13). Through the service we give, we can become more like Him. We will pray with all the energy of our hearts to love our enemies as He loves them (see Matthew 5:43–44; Moroni 7:48). Then we may at last become fitted for eternal life with Him and our Heavenly Father".   President Henry B. Eyring


  1. It has been fun to follow your mission. It looks like you have been enjoying yourself while serving the Lord and His missionaries. I love all your pretty hats! match your beautiful smile!
    Sue Shick

  2. I am so grateful their is a new mission nurse to carry on your great work in Long Beach! You and Elder McOmber have been a huge blessing to the many missionaries you have served! May God Bless You!

  3. I have been following your Blog for a short while but I have enjoyed reading about the things going on in the Long Beach Mission. It has been a blessing having you there, both you and your husband. Thank you for all that you have done for the missionaries. I know one in particular that will miss you when you leave.