Sunday, October 14, 2012

Everyday Blessings

"....consider the blessings in our lives, including seemingly small, sometimes overlooked blessings, we can find greater happiness."  October 2012 General Conference, Consider the  Blessings by Thomas S. Monson
     I was thinking about my everyday blessings when the prophet said this last weekend at conference.  Made me feel good I was thinking along the same line as the prophet. (Haha) We have truly been blessed on our mission and it has been alot of the small things that do make us happy.

This is my view as I am typing this.  I can see birds fishing in the water.  Sometimes we see coyotes walking.  The owls were hooting last night.  We watch hawks dive for the ground squirrels.

  • Technology is such a blessing: watching conference as it is spoken, from our computer or at the church building.  I could not write fast enough to take notes.  I loved every talk, there was not one that was my favorite--They all spoke to my heart.  I am so excited to re watch and re listen, then read all the talks, thanks to technology.  
  • Computers are great for helping me to research medical questions, find clinics and doctors in our mission.  I am able to print out information for the elders and sisters to help them with their medical questions.
  • Talk about blessings--I have felt the spirit guide me on more than one occasion when talking with the elders and sisters about their medical problems.  I pray everyday that I will be able to help them.  I worry about them.  On multiple occasions I have been discussing a medical problem with a sister or elder and been talking about signs and symptoms. I have felt impressed to ask a certain question, in a totally different direction and that has been the answer to their problems.  Once it was a new medication one of them had started causing some physical problems, another time it was a new elder with headache, he was used to caffeine and we are living "the higher law" and abstaining caffeinated drinks.  It happens every day and I am so thankful for the blessings I received that I would be able to help and teach the elders and sisters
  • Celebrations of all kinds are always a blessing.
Sister Warburton had a birthday this week. 
The elder from a leadership meeting sang to her.

  • Computers are wonderful to skype with my family near and far.  I can visit my family in Idaho and watch Elk hunts in Arizona (Dave Boodry's DVD) from our computer.  I was even able to visit with our son, Chad, in Montenegro on a military mission on Skype.  You can see him also if you go to YouTube and look up "US Navy Dolphins arrive in Montenegro".  He is in that video clip.
  • We received pictures of Lance, Tobie's husband's military retirement as he was having his party.
  • Elder McOmber's health has been very good compared to two years ago!!!  He has been able to get into the VA system here in Long Beach. 
  • Elder McOmber, with his improved health has been a friend to the Elders and Sisters.  He has help many of them move.  We have closed apartments and split up apartments (when 4 elders live together--we are trying to keep them in just sets of 2)  He has helped teach them how to clean(thus get more of the deposit back), move furniture and work hard.  He works right along side of them.  One Elder asked me if Elder McOmber never grew up.  I told him "no".  Elder McOmber loves to joke and laugh with the Elders.
  • Being able to live on base, where we feel safe; have wonderful neighbors that we are able to share the gospel with is a definite blessing.  I know many people want to know about "Mormons" because of Mitt Romney and it is a great way to "open the door" and talk to them about what we believe.  We have shared several Book of Mormons.  We would not be able to proselyte on base otherwise.  One of the camp hosts tells us when he goes to church(a different ward), but he isn't ready to "give up his vices yet".  We are friends.
Elder McOmber and I went for a bike ride on base.  We watched
the pelicans dive for fish.  They start by circling in the air, then dive
straight down.

  • Having modern medicine--we had a influenza immunization clinic yesterday. We immunized most of our elders and sisters.  Thank goodness for the blessings of modern medicine.

Yes, even I received my immunizations.
Elder McOmber could not, he has
had a reaction in the past.

  • We are able to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  It is dark by 1830 hrs and sometimes dark when we get home.   Did you ever notice that when there are clouds in the sky, the sunrises and sunsets are much more beautiful!  Isn't it that way in life, we always appreciate the beauty of our life when we have a few "clouds".  It makes things interesting.
Our view walking home from exercising in the morning.  One day this week we woke to
a thurnder and lightening storm.  Only the second time it has rained while here in
Southern California.  I love listening to rain on the roof.

  •  We were able to go to "Navy Days" here on base on our P day.  Elder McOmber loved touring a destroyer ship.
Sister and Elder McOmber in front of the USS Sampson, a destroyer.
We are proud to be American and to have served our country.

There is a replica of a Navy ship that was sunk in front of the Destroyer Sampson that we toured.
Looking at Seal beach from the room they steer the boat(can't think of the right word).  You can see the skyscrapers of Long Beach through the palm trees. 
A cute little girl ahead of us in line-she was with her grandparents.
Elder McOmber on deck before our tour started.



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