Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mission life

Kathy going into work, notice my "EIRMC Labor and Delivery" skirt and computer bag.  I was told on my mission call that I would need a lap top computer.  I wear a dress or skirt everyday so I love having a variety.  I even have the required pink shirt. (L&D had to  have white, pink or black shirts).  Sister Reynolds said that the skirt "reeks of love" when I told her the story behind it.  My friends at EIRMC L& D took scrubs and made the skirt for me.  Thanks Marie for making the scrub skirt and L&D for being so great!  I am wearing my bracelet that my friends gave me,also, and I think of them every time I wear it.
I asked Elder McOmber to get some pictures and he went crazy taking them.  This is me at my desk.  I have to chart my nurse's notes in the computer.  I also make power point presentations, I do research about medical stuff and received emails.  Much of my responsibility is on the phone.  I take calls: medical questions, etc from elders and sisters, then send them information that they ask for.  I talk to Dr offices, my AMA-Dr Peterson, and parents.  I have a medical supply cupboard in this room with things for elders and sisters if they get hurt or need something.  I am also working on a slide show of elders and sisters for Christmas. 
It is always cold at the office, so I am usually in a sweater or jacket.  I know I should not whine, temperature has been: low in 50's and high in 60's.  I guess I have acclimatized.  It is really cold in Idaho.

One of our elders was in the hospital most of this week.  He was very sick.  This is the day he was discharged.  I was impressed with the hospital he was in.  It was clean, quiet, and he received excellent care.  I worry over these young men and women as if they were my own kids, in a way they are!
Our elders ans sisters love to come to the office and study the map of our mission.  They like to point out all the areas they have served in.  They are great.  This is looking out the door of my office.  I am sitting at my desk.

We were helping move elders this week and these two make me laugh.
They love life and their missions.  The other elder was thinking.  He loves his mission also. 
Elder McOmber loves to shop.  He does a good job of comparison shopping.  Here he is shopping for bedding for new missionaries coming in.  He also buys items for the apartments.  He has all the good deals scoped out.  He likes shopping better than I do. 

Elder McOmber fixing a vacuum for some elders.
There is never a dull moment on our mission.
We stay very busy and like it that way.  Elder McOmber
would be restless if he wasn't puttering all the time.
The Elders all like Elder McOmber. 
Thank goodness for technology.  I was
happy to get a picture of two of my granddaughters
and a friend.  It was Kamy's birthday party.  I miss my
family! Kamy in front, Maci in middle and friend, Bianca{?}

And a grandson as he is dressed up for a basketball game.
Elder McOmber and myself at the Newport Beach Temple.  We go about once a transfer.  Time does not go in months on a mission, it goes in transfers (6week periods).  When you ask an elder how long he has been out he will say  "___ transfers".

"Wherever our members and missionaries may go, our message is one of faith and hope in the Savior Jesus Christ."


  1. You look even better in the scrub skirt than you did in the scrubs! I love the smile on your face, I think you are living your dream in many ways and I am so glad you are able to do that. I am glad "Elder McOmber" is there to take care of the Elders and of you! Miss you! Lisal

  2. Another excellent post! You do such a great job of documenting life in the Long Beach Mission. President Bubert and I were just talking about how natural it becomes to measure time in transfers - something that you never quite understand until you are a missionary. Thanks for being such a blessing to our mission!