Sunday, August 19, 2012

Continuation of: "Things that make me smile or at least go....Hummmmmm"

  • Pretty sunsets
  • Nuns playing softball in the park
  • Grown Navy men playing kick ball,  Elder McOmber asked to play, but I told him "no" and they did not seem anxious to have him join.  I have not seen anyone play kickball since my kids were in elementary school.
  • Our mission president helping in the painting of an apartment.  He owns a construction business in Utah and misses it.  So Elder McOmber, myself, President Bubert, and 4 Elders cleaned and painted an apartment one day. Elder McOmber replaced fixtures.  He is such a handyman!
  • Jami's phone call.  She makes me smile.  Only she could have an "entertaining" interview for a position!  Phone calls from all my kids and grandkids make me smile. 
  • Gas at over $4.00/gallon--this is not a smile item!!!!!!
  • Lonnie arguing with the TomTom(GPS).
  • President Bubert told me I was instrumental in finding some people for baptism.  At our first zone conference, my presentation was on drinking enough water, it was June, just the beginning of summer and the heat was getting bad.  It gets hotter the farther inland you go.  Two sisters "really had to go to the bathroom" after following my instructions.  They were walking, knocking on doors.  They were able to go to a part member family's home after several unsuccessful attempts at member's homes.  They found out the reason the children were not baptized was not an issue anymore, so they were able to teach them and the Dad is very interested, but "taking his time."  The Lord works in mysterious ways and His work will go forth.
  • Chandler, Colton, Annalea, Gammy and Caleb, Amy and Chad
  • Having family come visit.  Chad and family only live 1 1/2 hours away, but we have not gotten together because we both have very busy schedules.  They came up for the day yesterday and we had alot of fun playing Ladder ball, flying kites, and going to the beach. 
    Colton and Chandler
    Caleb and Annalea
Chad and Annalea swam a long ways out to a bouy. 

  • Lonnie and I went with some members of our ward on a sailing boat.  Our mission president said that we should "go have fun".  I almost feel guilty, but it was very relaxing and fun!.. Another couple from our mission joined us as well.  It was a 38' sailboat.  We did not put the sails up, but each of us were able to steer the boat.  The Butler's, retired, live in their boat when they are in CA.  They have a home in Virginia, but stay a few months of the year here visiting family.  I did not get one call from "my" Elders or Sisters!
  • Brother and Sister Butler with me at the Helm.
Elder McOmber "driving the boat" in the Pacific Ocean.
That is the boat behind us.


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