Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Neli!

We went to the Newport Beach Temple yesterday.  We try to go once a month.  I needed the calming, spiritual experience we receive at the Temple.  It helps me regain  perspective!

Today is Neli's First Birthday, this is the hardest time to be away from home, we miss all the family parties!
Her theme has been "Lady Bugs" so Sara made LOTS of lady bug cupcakes and a ladybug cake. 
This is Neli and cousin, Stetson
But thank goodness for Skype.  Lets see, how many people can get around Glen and Sara's comput to Skype Gammy and Papa.  Quin, Miranda, Jami, Cheyenne, Maci, Avri, Bailey, Kingson, Kamy, Stetson, Neli and that is not all that came in and out of our Skype.  Made me feel better.
  (Sara sent me this photo on the phone as we were skyping)
This week I mostly worked in the office as Elder McOmber needed to finish the Sr. Sister's apartment.   We all painted it last week and he was finishing setting it up and helping some Elders this week.  I kept track of a "usual" day and had more than 50 phone calls/texts with our Elders and Sisters for "medical issues".  I did not count the Elders and Sisters I saw at the office.  Some days it is slower, some even busier.  I also prepared my next power point for Zone conference on "Oh my aching....."  We will discuss some remedies for what is "aching".
 A big highlight this week, for me, was that once, all other 8 people at the office were busy, so I answered the phone.  The person asked to speak with the President.  He happened to be there (he spends alot of time out in the field with our Elders and Sisters).  I asked who was calling, he said "Elder Perry".  I told the Pres. that "Elder Perry is on the phone for him," he asked, pointing up,  "THE Elder Perry?"  I said it sounded like him.  Come on....there are probably hundreds of "Elder Perry's" in our church, it was probly the Elder Perry in our stake.   The Pres. assured me later in the day, yes, it was   "THE Elder Perry" of the Quorum of the Twelve.  How cool!  I should have wished him a belated birthday, he just turned 90 years old and is awesome! We always think of what we could have said later.

Elder L. Tom Perry at General Conference
Farewell dinner at  Pres and Sister Bubert's home once each transfer.  This is Sister Fielding from Indiana.It is amazing how we have come to love all the missionaries.  It is a sad and happy time.  Sad to see them leave, happy they can go home and continue on with their lives.  I tried to talk her into going into nursing, she just might.

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