Sunday, September 2, 2012

The same moon is over all of us!

Hasn't the moon been beautiful this week!!
Three different shots on different days all around the campground.
This is over a softball field.  The campground is on the left.
This week Elder McOmber and myself finished the Book of Mormon in 90 days(actually it was about 78 days.)  The stories make more sense and we understood it alot better reading it outloud to each other and we could discuss what we read.  It was awesome.  I highly recommend everyone reading it, whether fast or slow.  It contains the Words of God. It will help you in your life.   Our mission President challenges all missionaries to read it in 90 days, we accepted and accomplished.
Elder Warburton gave Elder McOmber this remote plane.  One evening he tried it out and crashed it.  It has been glued, but have not had time to try it again.  He said he got it up for a "little bit".  I did not see.
     This is Elder McOmber's cat, Buddy.  With Lonnie's ADD, he feels that the cat helps him (and me).  The cat was rescued from Leisure World and we think he was abused.  He has been declawed on all 4 paws, so doesn't even want to escape, but does like his outdoor perch that Elder McOmber made for him.
     This week we helped a Sr couple move out of their apartment(they were going home);  helped Elders move to a new apartment; took Elders to Urgent Care and checked apartments for cleanliness.  One of the Elders that we moved, Elder Ulu(Samoan), likes to call Elder McOmber, Buddy.  We had one elder in the ER with a possible appy and another with a broken arm from a bicycle accident.  There were 2 bicycle accidents this week.  One of our cleanliness checks was a "suprise visit" per the pres.  They were surprised and needed to be checked out.  It was dirty and had a bad cockroach problem(Go figure)!  They all get my "mom" lecture...."If you keep it up, it isn't as hard to keep clean.  If you let it go, it takes alot longer to clean."  and "a place for everything and everything in it's place."  I also tell them how Elder McOmber and myself work together to clean and do laundry/dishes/etc.  I tell them that their future wives will like it better if they keep things clean and work together.  They usually like that idea.  (of a future wife, at least).  Some of the elders can keep their apartments awesome.  We are going to try to figure out a way to reward the ones that keep their apartments nice.
Last night, I needed a break.  It was our P day, so we went for a ride down by the ocean.  These are some pictures I took.
The Queen Mary
Elder McOmber found this "TV prop".  It is a 50 year old EKG machine.  I would be afraid that it would electrocute someone if we tried to use it.  He finds the strangest things and brings them home.  We only have so much room,  what do I do with this???   Jami says she wants it (she used to be an EKG tech before she became an RN.)
(she says I am suppose to say, "she is my favorite daughter", but all my daughters are my favorites--they all are awesome! so is my son!) 

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