Sunday, September 9, 2012

"What do you do all day?"

Coyote near our campground, out in broad daylight.
I had an elder ask me "What do you do all day?"
 Let me see....
     I answer the phone all hours day and night from Elders and Sisters and answer their medical questions,  most calls are between 7 AM and 10 PM. Some days I have had as many as 50+ phone calls and others I have only had 2.   I research any problems that I don't know the answers for.  I have to chart all conversations with missionaries on the computer in Missionary Medical.  I find information such as stretching exercises, info on their problems and send it to them.  I feel the more informed they are, the better they will take care of themselves. 
     Elder McOmber and I inspected apartments three days this week. This is the second time around during our mission. We can see about 6-10 apartments in one day.  We have 70 apartments.  Some weeks the elders are too busy and we can not get out to see their apartments.  Some of our inspections are "surprise visits".  Please teach you children how to clean house.  There were some apartments that were 4-5 out of 10 (we rate them) and Elder McOmber teaches them how to clean and keep clean.  It is nice to go out and see that some of them followed his instructions.  There are some apartments that have cockroach problems and it is no wonder.  We spend extra time teaching in those apartments.
     I prepare power point presentations and articles for the newsletter.  The subjects usually go with what I have had the most calls about.  My next power point will be "Oh my Aching....." and talk about all their body parts that ache.
     I help at the office, Elder McOmber fixes bikes, cars, vacuums, dressers, builds bookshelves, helps open new apartments, moves the Elders, inventories storage sheds,  assists the other elders in the office.  Our bishop here even called him to ask about an electrical problem he had at his home. 
     We attend Zone conferences, some district meetings and Farewell firesides as well as many other meetings. 
     In the mornings we exercise, I don't want to encourage the Elders or Sisters to do things I am not willing to do, so we get up at 0545 and exercise. 
     We stay very busy, probably busier that if we were home working full time.  We usually get back "home" to our motor home around 5-7 PM.  We study our scriptures, personally and read to each other.  We have finished the Book of Mormon in 78 days.  We sometimes study Preach My Gospel. 
     We have visited a nursing home, single sisters and their families that the Elders are not allowed to visit and others in our ward.
     Yes, a mission is hard work, but sooooo worth it!!!! 
     We could not do it if we did not have family that is helping to take care of things for us also!!  We appreciate them so much!

Annalea and "Kat"
This is Chad's work.  He works with marine mammals for the military.  He swims with the sea lions and dolphins.  We did not see it this time, but will if we ever make it back down again. This is his family.

Colton and Chandler
Annalea and Caleb
    Today, Chandler and Colton are singing in a Stake Choir that Chad says "will make you cry, Mom."  Our mission president gave us permission to come to San Diego (less than 2 hour trip) to hear our grandsons sing in the choir.  I have kleenex all ready!!  
Have a great day!

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