Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Week in Review"

      When my kids were young (like in the 1980's)  for Family Home Evening, we would keep a notebook with who did the Scripture, Prayer, Lesson and snacks, then after all that, we would write the "Week in Review".   It is so fun to read now what we thought was important to very young kids.  Well this week has been VERY BUSY (nothing new) so I thought I would include a "Week in Review".
      Sunday there was church, ward choir, stake choir and the Departure Fireside.  The Elders and Sisters that are going home this transfer, bear their Wonderful Testimonies.  It is impressive to see how they grow over the time that we have been here.  There are also special musical numbers by our talented Elders and Sisters.  They do a wonderful job.  There are investigators and new converts and members that have been influenced by the leaving Elders and Sisters.   It is a very spiritual meeting.  
Some of our Elders at the departure fireside.  There are refreshments
after the meeting so everyone can visit and wish the leaving  ones

On Monday, after work we had 5 of our missionaries over for dinner.  They are the missionaries in our ward, the day before transfers.  They gave a wonderful spiritual message.

Sister Bradshaw, Sister Scott, Elder Williams, Elder Carter, Elder Tolman, Elder McOmber
     Tuesday we worked all day.  It was transfer day. We get new Elders and Sisters also. There were 4 Visa Waiters as well as our new ones.  It is always a busy day.  Then there was Relief Society meeting in the evening.  I made a huge pot of minestrone soup, which seemed to be liked.  We had a service auction.  Elder McOmber left the motor home keys in the car, so he was locked out.  I left the meeting early.  I wanted an apron,and left my points with a friend.  I guess everyone wanted that as I did not have enough points. 
     Wednesday, Elder McOmber helped move 2 sets of Elders. We cleaned and organized the office in preparation of the Mission Tour by one on the Quorum of the 70.  
     Thursday, Elder and Sister Porter came to Tour our mission.  They did some apartment inspections.  Since we have been checking apartments, we hoped the Elders had kept up the "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".  ( there were 3 devotionals for each of the Zones).  We had an office devotional.  Elder and Sister Porter are very down to earth and personable. He told us that as the numbers of missionaries increase, we need to make sure the missionaries can feel of our spirituality, it will bless their lives.  He said that it no  matter what level pf spirituality you are on when you start your mission, you will be better at the end of the mission.
     Sister Bubert, our mission president's wife talked about the fishes and loaves from the New Testament.  Jesus can multiply our talents just like the loaves and fishes.  The church makes ordinary people great.We need to run to Jesus like the people did then. 
    President Bubert said "This is the happiest place on the just don't forget to tell your face".  He also talked about being led by the spirit.
      Sister Porter Talked about serving with all your heart. Have the light of Christ on your countenance. 
       Elder Porter is awesome with the scriptures.  He spoke on the 3rd lesson in Preach my Gospel, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ".We don't earn our salvation, we have to qualify for it.  As we have faith in Jesus Christ, His strength will be with us.
Sister and Elder Porter
Some of our Elders at the Zone conferences.
      Friday, the office had a luncheon with the Porters. It was yummy Hawaiian Bar B Que. 
      Saturday, Chad brought his trailer up.  Annalea, Chandler and Colton are spending the next 4 days with us.

 Liz, Jody, Miranda and Stetson came down for the Thanksgiving vacation.  I am so thankful that they had a safe drive here.  It was 13 hours drive.  Of course, it was raining when they got here.
Colton, Chandler, Caleb
Annalea and Miranda
Colton and Stetson
I have had many phone calls from my Elders and Sisters, it is the beginning of cold season....
This is a picture Sister Reynolds (works in the office) gave me...I am going to use it in a presentation.
   I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember from Whom all our blessings come.  I certainly am thankful for much!!!  I plan on telling Him tonight in my prayers.

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  1. I am so grateful for your amazing blog - you do such a wonderful job of documenting life here in "the great California Long Beach Mission"! I love and appreciate you and could never thank you and Elder McOmber enough for what you do for our mission.