Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter.... Happiness, it is all a choice

"Happiness is a choice, I am reading my scriptures and praying more and I am happier, I choose to be happier."
Miranda Page, our 16 year old granddaughter 
A quality life is God's greatest wish for us. Life is to be lived well in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. There should not be a waiting period." ♥ #positivethoughts. also from Miranda's Facebook 
Miranda and  her cousin Quin(both our grandchildren)
I was able to talk with Randa while waiting for Papa (Elder McOmber).  He was in a priesthood meeting.  Randa really touched my heart with her attitude.  She sets such a good example for all of us!  Sara said she was a big help to her during Halloween also.  Way to go Randa!!  I used her as an example when I bore my testamony.
     Today, I overheard, while shopping, someone say that it feels more like winter than autumn.  ???? It is 60 degrees and windy, how is that more like winter?  I guess it is like our attitudes, they just depend on where you are coming from and we all have a choice how to see the world.  Earlier this week it was 93 degrees here and it snowed in Idaho.... which sounds like winter to you?

From our mail this week.  Maci, Avri, Quin and Neli sent these to decorate our office. There is a cute poem about it being their hands and feet.  Can you tell which one is Maci's(the oldest)?  I forgot the poem, I was going to quote it, but they are at the office, sorry.
Elder McOmber drives around our mission a lot. He is driving the mission truck here.  It was the rainiest day since we have been here.   He shops for supplies for the new apartments, checks out new apartments, picks up and drops off Elders at the airport, transports bikes, beds, etc..  He is a good chauffeur and doesn't seem to mind driving in the traffic.  I am happy being the copilot.
Elder McOmber showing some elders their new apartments.  He is good at talking to them about keeping them clean, checking out of their old apartments, keeping the electric bill lower, etc.  He is a good jack of all trades and will do anything anybody needs done even build bookshelves, fix bikes, etc. He talked at a baptism last Sunday and did a very good job!
The Elders all seem to like him and respect his knowledge.  He will horse around with them, but then will work right alongside of them,  getting them to do more. 
One elder called this week disappointed that we have not checked cleanliness at his apartment because he has scrubbed EVERYTHING!  He will be moved this transfer and we told him we will give him credit for the hard work.  He also encouraged those in his district to keep their apartments clean--YAAAA!  Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
A Pretty sunset
When we went to the Airport to pick up a new elder, Elder McOmber saw this "Maserati".  I would have walked right past it, it is just like any other car, but he told me it is "very expensive".  He tells me all the cars on the road and he has owned more than half of them I think.
I help the Elders from Mexico with the paperwork for Immigration-Childhood Arrival.  It is a pain--government paperwork.  The families have to do a lot before it gets to me. My only problems was that the Elder's family wrote the instruction in Spanish.  He had to help interpret them.   These are wonderful Elders!!
Elder McOmber at the laundry area.  We make a good team, he washes and dries the clothes and I clean house.  He is tired of me moving stuff around.  I keep thinking  of a better, more organized way to have things in my kitchen. 
Maci turned 11 on Thursday, November 8th, and was surprised to get her very own cell phone!  She even cried she was so happy!  Someday she will realize that they are what Chad calls an electronic "tether".   You can't get away from them.  What did we do before cell phones?  These kids will never know!
Me getting my hair trimmed.  Karin is a very sweet person.

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  1. Miranda is wise for her young age! Love your blog and all your photos. Thanks again for all you do for our missionaries! You and Elder McOmber are such a blessing to us.