Tuesday, January 8, 2013

High Tide/Low Tide

You can see the white heron in the middle of the marsh at high tide.  Our motor home is the one facing you by the tree.

Living here in Seal Beach, we notice the tide changes.  We wanted to learn a little more about the tides.  It has been interesting, living by the salt marsh wet lands.  Some times water completely covers the wetlands and other times, it looks like you could walk through the marshes.  Here is some things we have learned about the tides:

This is usually marsh grass with some small canals of water going through.  Yes, that is several oil rigs in the middle of the salt marshes.
When Tide is high enough, the rowers from the collage practice in a canal. Cal State is just down the street from our office.
  •  Tides are the way the sea rises a little then falls back every 12 hours or so.
  • When the tide is flowing it is rising. When the tide is ebbing it is falling.
  • Tides are caused by the pull of gravity between the Earth, Moon and Sun.
  • The mutual pull of the Moon’s and the Earth’s gravity stretches the Earth into an egg shape.
  • The solid Earth is so rigid that it stretches only 20 cm.
  • Ocean waters can flow freely over the Earth to create two tidal bulges (high tides) of water. One bulge is directly under the Moon, the other is on the far side of the Earth.
  • At high tide, the sea rises up the shore and dumps seaweed, shells and drift wood. Most coasts have two high tides and two low tides every day.
  • As the Earth rotates every 24 hours the tidal bulges stay in the same place under the Moon. Each place on the ocean has high tide twice a day. The Moon is moving as well as the Earth, making high tides occur not once every 12 hours but once every 12 hours 25 minutes.
  • The continents get in the way, making the tidal bulges slosh about in a complex way. As a result the timing and height of tides vary enormously. In the open ocean tides rise only 1 m or so, but in enclosed spaces such as the Bay of Fundy, in Nova Scotia, Canada they rise over 15 m.
  • The Sun is much farther away than the Moon, but it is so big that its gravity has an effect on the tides.
  • The Moon and the Sun line up at a Full and a New Moon, creating high spring tides twice a month. When the Moon and Sun pull at right angles at a Half Moon, they cause neap tides which are lower than normal tides.
  • Neap tides occur when the Sun and Moon are at right angles to each other and pulling in different directions.
  • Spring tides occur when the Sun and the Moon are lined up and pulling together. High tides happen at the same time each day on opposite sides of the Earth Oceans Tides.

  •  Sometimes our emotions do the same thing as the tide; they ebb and flow.  Satan would love to have us get down(be at a low).   Just when I am at a low point, someone or something pulls me up.  I was struggling with my emotions; after holiday "blahs", computer problems, etc.  and an Elder called me, the first thing he told me is that he and his companion are teaching a lady and she sounds "golden".  She, in 3 days, has read more than 60 pages in the Book of Mormon, knows it is from God and has a date set for baptism. She practically taught the Elders the plan of salvation.   I needed to hear that.  ...Then he asked me a medical question.  He had taken care of the problem, but just needed reassurance, just as I needed reassurance.  The Lord takes care of us.  We also got a letter in the mail from a neighbor in Idaho.  It was very unexpected and very uplifting.  Again, the Lord takes care of his children and is aware of our every need.  I was questioning in my mind what to do with a medical problem that a sister had.  As I was praying and reading scriptures, the scripture "Look to God with firmness of mind and pray unto him with exceeding faith..."  Jacob 3:1  It said to me at that time, "you have knowledge as a nurse, use it and have faith in what you know." 
    A coyote walking past the geese--does he see dinner?
    "When you are faced with a test of faith, stay within the safety and security of the household of God. There is always a place for you here. No trial is so large we can't overcome it together."Neil L. Andersen, "Trial of Your Faith",  Ensign, October 2012

    I like the one white goose.  It is OK to be different.  Wonder if any of these geese are from Idaho Falls?
    This week, we had another visitor that we had not seen in a long time.  Lonnie's best friend growing up, died about 1 1/2 years ago.  We have kept in touch with his wife.  She and two of her daughters, a spouse and children and an 11 year old son came to visit and it was fun to hear the stories of when Mike and Lonnie got in trouble as youth.  (He will be the first to admit that he was very good at getting in trouble, even if he was innocent, he "looked" guilty.)
    Terry Murray and part of her family.  We miss Mike also!
         This week Lonnie and I have been inspecting apartments.  Elder McOmber is teaching how to spot clean carpets with Windex, how to keep their white shirts white along with how to cut your scrub pads in two to make them last twice as long and anything else he sees that would help the Elders and Sisters in their apartments.  We check for cleanliness.  They all want to get a certificate for having the cleanest apartments.  We take brownies and a card that has smarties taped on that says "Smarties keep their apartments clean", with two quotes from prophets about cleanliness on the back.  We inspected 16 of the 73 apartments last Thursday and Friday.  Doing the rest the next two weeks.  I have some pictures now, and will post some next week.
    These are in action photos, not staged.  This is how it really looks.  I sometimes have trouble keeping Elder McOmber on track, he loves the Elders and Sisters and would spend all day teaching one set.  We usually have 6-12 apartments per day.
    We stopped for lunch one day at a park, a bird hopped right up and wanted to socialize with Elder McOmber.
    This poor little girl was trying to feed the geese and ducks, she was attacked by hundreds.

         I think I figured out what my problems was with this blogspot program.  It can only hold so many pictures and I had reached my max.  I have found one way to get around it, hope it keeps working.  I should be able to sleep like this cutie tonight now that I have figured this out.  Just need to remember how I did it!
    Neli sleeping. 
    Love Avri's pants!!!!

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