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"Often when we pray for help with a significant matter, Heavenly Father will give us gentle promptings that require us to think, exercise faith, work, at times struggle, then act. It is a step-by-step process that enables us to discern inspired answers."  Richard G. Scott, "How to Pray and Seek Answers", New Era, July 2012

I can testify of the thinking, faith,  struggles, and work that goes into listening to the Holy Ghost and being able to act on the promptings!  We  have had that kind of a week.  I am eternally grateful for the promptings and being able to follow them.   I really need to work on honing my phone triaging skills.  When I get a call that is especially difficult from an elder or sister, I am praying the entire conversation that I get things right and ask the correct questions.  I have been able to pull up knowledge that has been stored in the back of my brain for sometimes a long time.  All my experiences with each of you, family, friends and coworkers(they are also my dearest friends) have helped me with the Elders and Sisters.  It is as if each of you are here on the mission with me.  Stiff neck-Marie at work, Migraines-Karen at work, and the list goes on, you have all helped me.  You never know when what you do or say may help someone down the road.  I want to thank my ER Nurse daughter, Amy Boodry,  for allowing me to pick her brain and refresh my memory when I want to know things like a "GI cocktail" and "what do you think about this or that?"  Thank you to each of you who have touched my life, for your friendship and your trials that have helped me on my mission.  All things in my life have led me to this particular spot and I want to do the best that I can!
"Let us resolve to follow the Savior and work with diligence to become the person we were designed to become. Let us listen to and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit. As we do so, Heavenly Father will reveal to us things we never knew about ourselves. He will illuminate the path ahead and open our eyes to see our unknown and perhaps unimagined talents."  Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Of Regrets and Resolutions",  Ensign, October 2012
Elder Cicon crashed on his bike.  He dislocated and broke a bone into 5 pieces in his left wrist.  He had to have surgery to set it.   He is talking to his parents to let them know he is going to have surgery.  He gave me permission to  post it.  We , my assistant :) ( Elder McOmber) and I, spent several hours at the hospital.  It is Long Beach Memorial and I was very impressed with the hospital, big, modern and there was education everywhere.
A sister was having abdominal pain, took her to the nearest hospital(nearest to her apartment)-they only had 5 ER beds.  Some people had been waiting 6+ hours.  Thank goodness, our sister was taken in after only about an hour.  It did take until 2:30 in the morning to figure out what was going on--a kidney stone.  I sent another elder to Urgent care for flank pain, but we did not go with him.  He was diagnosed with gall bladder problems. Plus there have been many other phone calls.
  Even though I have been "retired" for 9 months, I still dream of delivering babies, crashing emergency c-sections and all my friends; nurses and Doctors, at work. Now this week I have spent many hours in two different hospitals, made me a little homesick.
Elder Cicon's companion, Elder Pickering, was awesome!  He was supportive and encouraging all the way and was worried about his companion getting down, because of the fall. He kept positive talk going. He has taken good care of him since surgery also!  He stayed with him, not getting any sleep, the night before surgery; a true disciple of Christ. They have semiprivate rooms and only chairs for family to sit in.
  Elder Cicon has very expressive eyebrows.
Some of Elders we have seen as we finished checking all the apartment.  Elder McOmber would sharpen  their knives and once slipped and needed a nurse.  He cut himself pretty good, thank goodness for durmabond. 
Cute quote from our Elders this week is:  "I thought that was part of the floor tile"  speaking of the dirt on the bathroom floor.  Elder McOmber showed them how to clean it, then he handed the scrubber to them to finish the job.
Elder Tolman carrying "stuff" in from Elder McOmber's shopping trip.
Now that the checking of the apartments are done for this round, Elder McOmber went shopping to get the "stuff" that they were missing in their apartments.  He also taught them how to care for the things in their apartment....  Don't throw it away if it will be good with a good scrubbing. "Use a little elbow grease".  This is our office....looks like Christmas.
Elder McOmber is showing the elders how to buff up the shine in their shoes with old nylons.  Some of them go "ooooooowwwww, gross", but he reassures them that they have been washed.
Friday was Elder Warburton's birthday.  Sister Rothschild made cupcakes and we had icecream.  We love parties!  An elder was doing a driver's test video in the background.
Elder Rothschild, Sister Warburton, Sister Rothschild, Sister and Elder Reynolds and Elder Squassabia singing Happy Birthday to Elder Warburton.  The Warburton's go home the end of this month, We will miss them!
Saturday, Janurary 19, 2013 Elder McOmber's biological father, WR Tate, died.  This picture is from November 2010 when we visited him in Waco, TX.  This is Elder Lonnie McOmber, his sister, Pat Ledbetter, her granddaughter, Avery, and
 William R Tate.  Elder McOmber was adopted by Fred McOmber, his mother's 2nd husband.  Elder McOmber has gone to Waco, TX to support his sister, they are not sure if the other two sibling will make it.  Lonnie's twin, Ronnie is in Iraq and Robert lives in Houston area.
"Yes, this life is passing swiftly; our days seem to fade quickly; and death appears frightening at times. Nevertheless, our spirit will continue to live and will one day be united with our resurrected body to receive immortal glory. I bear solemn witness that because of the merciful Christ, we will all live again and forever."   Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Of Regrets and Resolutions",Ensign, October 2012

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  1. Oh, California is so lucky to have you guys! Sorry to hear about Lonnie's father's passing. The girls in Labor and Delivery miss you too, Kathy. We might even miss answering calls from Lonnie, he was a kidder :)
    Kathy, did you hear about Joyce? She lost her mother and Boyd on the same day last week, Jan. 14th. Those two are so lucky to have been cared for and loved by her.
    May the Lord bless all your honest efforts and all the missionaries in your care!