Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's the Little Things that make the Big Difference!

     We are happy for the little thing, that do make the big difference.  We never know when we are the answer to some else's prayers. 
Elder McOmber is happy to be "home"!  He came home from Texas and his father's funeral.
Robert McOmber, Pat Ledbetter, Lonnie McOmber, Brothers and sister.  Missing is Lonnie's twin, Ronnie McOmber.
Aunt Wanda and Elder McOmber.  He was happy to visit family.
Lonnie's Mom, it was good for Lonnie to be able to visit his Mom.
    Cowboy wisdom…A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how bless you are. 
      Speaking of smiling often.  Our Elders and Sisters make us smile often.  Elder Tamacas and his companion did service all day with 2 other Elders and Elder Rothschild and Elder McOmber.  There are so many new elders and sisters coming in, so the mission had to get more bunk bed, dressers, etc.  They all did a lot of work and heavy lifting.  They are such good workers!
They used a U-haul truck to get the things and put them in storage.  Then they used the mission pick up to take the bedding around to the new homes that they are opening.  We are getting 22 new Elders and Sisters on Tuesday and then in March there are 36 as of this time that are coming.  Only 8 going home Tuesday and very few in March. 
      When Elder Tamacas got back to his apartment, there was a birthday present from some unknown person.  He called Elder McOmber and asked if we wanted to come to supper at his apartment, he was having chicken; then Elder McOmber heard the chicken in the background--it was still alive.   They had been teasing each other all day, so he asked if Elder McOmber was "in" on the joke.....He knew nothing about it, but we went over.  I was afraid of diseases, etc.
The card says "Feliz Birthday, Elder Tamacas"
Who would give him that for a birthday present?????  He gave it to a member's family and they fixed it  for supper the next night for the Elders. 
They put the chicken into two milk crates to transport it out.
"It is no ordinary blessing to live in these latter days. These are glorious times, foreseen by ancient prophets and attended by watchful, angelic hosts. The Lord is mindful of His Church. He is also mindful of those who... follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and join with their brothers and sisters the world over in helping to bring forth this great work of God."  Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "A Great Work of God",  Ensign, April 2010
     It is wonderful being on a mission.  We feel we have been blessed.  We are able to visit our family when needed.  The president says that what a "Senior mission" is about.   Chad called and let us know he was having his hip replaced on February 1st.  We were able to go down to San Diego and help the day he had surgery and came home the next day.  Lonnie was able to help fix a couple things around Chad's home and I made cookies with the kids.  He is only 38 years old, too young to have such an old body!  There was no cartilage on his femur, this was needed. 
This is his first walk with his bionic body the day after surgery.  Would that guy be able to hold him up if he fell?
Chad and Lonnie talking with a friend.
Chad had a trapeze above him that was too close to help him move and he would bend the bar holding it to try to move.  Hopefully it doesn't break and smack him in the face!  I had many calls from my "favorite" Elders (They are all my favorites).

We took the grand kids to the park to scooter around and feed the ducks.
  There was a security question on some Internet site that I needed to go on.  The question was.."What is your least favorite job?"  I couldn't remember what I put down when I set it up.  I don't have a least favorite job, unless it was cleaning the bathroom, and it did not accept that.   I have loved all my jobs, from working in a grocery store, to teaching, to nursing, to being a missionary.  I have been blessed to have had many jobs that I have loved!

       Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great. D&C 64:33

A missionary's mom wrote this to me that touched my heart.
"I just read your new info on missionary moms.  My son, Elder Sheanshang, told us 
that you drove he and his two companions to the sealing at the Los Angeles temple in 
November.  My favorite line was when he said that you drove in the honda CRX with 
"Us three big guys in the back",  He told us that being in that temple with 
that family being sealed was the best day of his life.  He said he was so nervous about 
translating and that you told him it would be all right and to rely on the spirit. (He 
said that was easy for you to say, and that he was soooo nervous, especially since his 
Spanish was not that good!)  He told us that when the sister heard him trying to find 
someone else to translate, she told him that she wanted him to translate and all his 
fears went away and he was humbled that she really wanted him, and not that he was a last 
choice.  And you were right, he said "my father helped me so much".  He said he 
had never been to any sealing, let alone one in Spanish, but that during the sealing he 
understood his purpose in life and that his whole life changed.  It was such a wonderful 
letter to receive and I wanted to share some of it with you, and to thank you for the 
help you give to our missionaries.  I love my son, and I am grateful that people are 
there to help him, thanks again, Julie 
Elder Lindsey and Elder George at the baptism of Joan.  This is why we want to keep the Elders and Sisters healthy and happy.  They all are great people.

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  1. Another beautiful post! What would we do without Elder McOmber here to help us get ready for the flood of missionaries coming soon or without Sister McOmber to keep them all healthy? Heavenly Father has blessed us so much by sending you to the Great California Long Beach Mission!