Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life is a mission.

We are having roses bloom all year long.  This is with the morning dew.  Our tomatos and peppers stopped producing now.
Sister Butler, another Senior Missionary in our mission said that "Life is a Mission", is something she always tells her kids.  It gave me food for thought.  Yes, life is a mission, we were sent here to earth from our Father in Heaven's presence to learn and grow and then share our knowledge, whether it be with our family, friends or someone we meet on the street.  We are so fortunate to have the restored Gospel and be able to share it and live it!

Another thing that got me thinking this week was the Relief Society lesson last Sunday.  Our RS president taught from a talk by Wendy Watson Nelson  titled "What Would a Holy Woman Do?" 
"The words "House of the Lord, Holiness to the Lord" are found on every Mormon temple around the world. It was during the rededication of the Nuku’alofa Tonga Temple that those words had a profound impact on Sister Wendy Watson Nelson, wife of Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
After much reflection and study upon the word "holiness," Sister Nelson initiated a three-day experiment. ....Women were asked to choose one of their daily activities and try to be holy while doing it or rather do it as a holy woman would do it for three days. They could choose to focus on one different thing each day or the same thing each day.
Some questions that helped guide the participants include:
How would a holy woman manage the daily activities of her life?
How would a holy woman handle conflicts?
What would a holy woman listen to, read or watch?"  There is more to her talk, it is on CD. but it sure got me thinking.  What would a Holy Woman do on a mission?  Am I doing everything that I can to be the Lord's hands? 
President Bubert with some of our elders.  The big guy in the middle is one of our newest elders, Elder Pina.
This week we received into our mission 21 wonderful young people.  One was postponed.  The president had everything under control and it worked wonderfully.  He placed the sisters the day they came(he interviews each of them before placing them with their companions.)   He temporarily placed the elders for one night so he would have time to interview them the next day.  After interviewing them, they all went back to the place they had been temporarily placed. They all seemed happy to go back.  I visited with each of them breifly, just to check to see if there is any way I can help them and to check on helath issues,  medication, etc.  They are all delightful.  Elder McOmber and Elder Rothschild worked hard to make sure they all had beds to sleep in and are working on getting everyone bikes.  It was a few late nights this week, but it is good to report to the Lord at night that we did the best we could.
Elder Tolman, one of our wonderful APs.  This is the board that tells where all our Elders and Sisters are serving.  We  just filled the top fold out white boards until recently.  Now we fill all the top and the two on the floor as well.  Next transfer we will have to get more white boards for the incoming!  The APs and President have divided areas to accomadate the increasing numbers of missionaries coming to our mission, as I am sure all missions are doing.
Elder Walker, our newest AP, deep in thought.  They have work hard with their missionary work and being APs.
We took Sister Afualo to have her eyes checked.  She is from Samoa.
Sister Afualo's companion, Sister Ackerman,  was working on her Planner while waiting for Sister Afualo.
Sister Ackerman is one of our newest missionaries.  She is from Shelly, ID and knows our dear friend,
 Sister Mavanee Steele.
Sister Afualo in her new glasses.
Usually our missionaries do not wear sunglasses, but she had had her eyes dialated so it was a necessity for a few hours.  Luckily it was planning after lunch so she was inside.
We would like to put bubble wrap around our Elders and Sisters.  We don't like having to spend time in the ER worrying about them!  We do love them all.

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