Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our lives should reflect what we believe. 
These  three wonderful missionaries that went home this week.  Sunday before they leave, we have a Departure Fireside.  It is always wonderful as they bear their testimonies, and we have several spiritual special music numbers by friends and missionaries.  We love all our missionaries and wish the best for them in the rest of their lives!

The Rothschild's have worked in the office and will be leaving this next week.  We certainly have made some wonderful friends on our mission.  We will have friends to visit all over Utah.
We have 28 new Elders and Sisters that arrived this week.  We needed to rent a U-haul to bring their luggage from the airport.  This is the new office couple, Elder and Sister Barlow. (with Sister Rothschild in the middle).  The President stopped us from doing this and had the Elders and Sisters do their own so they would know where their luggage was.
One of our elders had this and allowed me to scan it.  I like this, of course, I love the story of the stripling warriors.

You are a part of this special generation. It is not by chance that you are here at this important time in the history of the Lord's work. It is your opportunity to declare this message of the Restoration with greater force and effect than any of the previous generations."  L. Tom Perry, "Accept the Challenge", Ensign, August 2002
Our new Elders

Our new Sisters

Bicycles for some of the new missionaries.  Elder McOmber is fixing some older ones up and he is still getting more this next week.  There was one bike that Elder McOmber put a seat on, then needed to take it off.  Many missionaries tried, no one could get it off.  They tired hammers and everything.  It was funny to watch, sort of like the sword in the stone.  They all were sure they could do it.

Today was Helping Hands.  Each Stake had an activity.  We went, for medical reasons, to Huntington Beach Stake and caught all our wonderful missionaries working hard!  This is  just one area of missionaries. 

This P day was pretty rough.  We had a broken hand, sprained finger, sprained elbow and torn ACL. (all on different missionaries).  We have decided that they all are going to take up quilting or knitting on P days.  :)  (not really)

Friday the Senior couples went to the Segerstum Concert center to hear OCMCO (Orange County Mormon Oral Choir-name changed this weekend to Orange County Millennium Orchestra and Choir).  They sound like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  They had choirs  from age 4 through Senior age.  This picture is before the concert.  No pics allowed during.  Wonderful,  uplifting, spiritual music!

The senior sisters went out for lunch for Sister Butler's Birthday. 
Another very busy week ended.  We are now visiting our family here in California to hear Annalea give a talk in church and celebrate her 13th  birthday.  She is so happy we were able to come. 
Annalea and Friend

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  1. Another great report! What would we ever do without you in the Great California Long Beach Mission? We appreciate you!