Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thankful for Missionaries!

We are going to miss the Rothschilds (couple on the left).  We are excited to get to know the Barlows (right)  The Rothschilds are going home to Kaysville, Utah, Monday.  We have served with them for the last 6 months.  I am thankful for other senior couples who are willing to serve.  It is such a privilege serving along side them and getting to know them! 
I am thankful for President Bubert and his wonderful wife  and all the leadership and service they have given to this mission.  This is President talking to two of our Cambodian Elders.  I am impressed and thankful that they learn to speak, read and  understand the Cambodian Language.  It is such a blessing to our Cambodian members in this area.
I am thankful for leadership.  This is Elder Schwitzer of the Quorum of the Seventy.  President and Sister  Bubert finish their mission this July. Elder Schwitzer came to do the Exit interview with them  and another Mission President and his wife.  We spiffed the office up for his few minute interview. The president wanted it to be "Relief Society pretty".   It looks nice--would be nice to keep it that way.  Elder Schwitzer said that in September he will take over as my "big" boss in Salt Lake City.  He is taking over Dr Doty's position.  Dr Doty has served for 12 years as a missionary--I am so thankful that he was willing to give of his time.
I am thankful for all our wonderful missionaries!  They are always smiling and wanting to help!  It seems the barometric pressure in Labor and Delivery, when the pressure changes, we were always busy.   I was very busy today answering the phone for sick elders and sisters.  Nothing big, thank goodness.
I am thankful for my wonderful companion, another great missionary, who will talk to anyone who will listen, about the gospel.  Today we had to get more propane in our motor home.  We have gone almost a year on one tank of propane.  We have been blesses.
I am thankful that my missionary is so good at fixing things.  Here he is fixing the jacks underneath our motor home.  He saved us $550. by being able to fix them himself.

A party Van.  Sisters Davis and Rothschild as we are driving to farewell lunch for the Rothschilds.
I am thankful for missionaries.   34 years ago, Elder Monson  (Young elder, not the prophet, I still remember his name, but not either of his companions) and his companions would come by a single sister's home.  She had been a member for 4 years, but had not been active because of  work (nurse) schedule and family matters.  That single sister had 4 children ages 4, 1 1/2, and newborn twins.  She had a feeling on the days they came, that they would be coming.  They encouraged her in the gospel.  They encouraged her to go to church.  They encouraged her to attend a play, "Saturday's Warrior".  She went by herself, but loved it.  They played with her children.  I am that Sister and am so thankful for wonderful missionaries that took the time to serve a mission and "bring one back". 
Miranda(grand daughter) is going to the prom.  I love this picture of her dad "discussing" with her date. Is this the little girl that I hunted elephants and butterflies with when she was 2?  How did she grow up so fast?  Thank you to her Aunts for doing her nails and hair!  Thanks Sara and Jami!
Annalea turned 13 last Sunday.  We wished her happy birthday.
Her dad arranged a time for her and her friend Kristin to ride horses.  They loved it.
Chad made breakfast for Annalea's birthday-pecan waffles with strawberries.  Amy made chicken enchiladas for lunch all Annalea's favorites.
Chad took care of me also.  Lonnie loves Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.(made in Texas, can't get here).  This is one of my favorites-pralines and cream.
I needed to walk one evening.  We walked the pier in Seal Beach.  This is looking at the homes along the beach.
My missionary gave me an early mother's day present-because I am the mother of our children.  Isn't he sweet!

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  1. I look forward to your posts every week! Thank you for your faith and the incredible service you give to our missionaries!