Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

This week on the mission, there has been specialized training.  We have so many new missionaries, training was done to make sure everyone is on the "same page".  I am so impressed with our sisters and elders.  They stand and teach boldly.  They are strong spirits!  They  teach  so naturally and with such conviction.  I enjoyed listening to their presentations and was spiritually uplifted by the talk that the President gave. 
Elder McOmber with his tripod that helps him fix bicycles.  It really helps raise them up and work on tires, brakes, gears, etc. He tries very hard to help and teach the elders and sisters about their bikes. and cars.
"God placed within women divine qualities of strength, virtue, love, and the willingness to sacrifice to raise future generations of His spirit children."
Quentin L. Cook, "LDS Women Are Incredible!"
I am thankful for all the wonderful mothers in the world.  I know that the mothers of our elders and sisters should be very proud of their sons and daughters.  I know that behind every good missionary, there is a family, especially mother, that has put a lot of  heart, might, mind and strength into raising her children(not to mention tears and prayers).  I am so thankful for my wonderful mother and I miss her even now, 14 years after her passing.  There is always a special place for our mother in our hearts.  I am thankful that I have been able to do her work in the temple and that last year, my children helped me to be sealed to my mom and dad. 
"In a world of turmoil and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities. Families lie at the center of our Heavenly Father’s plan." Elder L. Tom Perry
I miss my family, but am thankful for modern technology.  I am able to talk and communicate with my family regularly.  There is Skype, Face time, Cell phones and computers.  I may not be able to hold them in my arms now, for this short time, but it is such a short time and such a worthwhile sacrifice serving a mission.  I am also thankful that we are in Southern California.  One of my children, Chad,  is in the Army.  We have not been able to see his family very often.  He  is stationed here in Southern California.  He was able to come with his family to visit today(Saturday, our P day) to wish me Happy Mother's Day. 
Chandler, Caleb, Colton
Annalea, Me Amy.  Amy and I got See's Candy certificate for Mother's day.  I had never gotten candy there before.  You get to choose which ones you want-YUMMY.  It was fun sharing the chocolate with everyone afterwards!


We went to ==MOTHER'S BEACH.  Isn't that appropriate for the day before Mother's Day?  Chad and Elder McOmber, Chad said he was becoming a "red neck".  I told him he has always been a "red neck".  
The kids loved playing in the water and the sand and on the playground.
We barbecued chicken after the trip to See's and the beach.
Do you like the Supervisors?  Even Caleb carried his part very well! 

Then we flew kites.  The kids got to good at it, they would lay down on the grass to fly them and hold the strings with their toes and with trees.

 I love all my family, here as well as where ever they are around the world.  I continued to take care of my call by having many calls from nissionaries while they were here.  Chad wants to tell them what a mean mother I was to him.  He was in a motorcycle accident and I would not take him to the doctor, I gave him a scrub brush and told him to clean his wounds and then used "monkey blood" on them. 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Not only have you helped many become mothers as a nurse but you are a wonderful missionary nurse and mom to our many missionaries. Thanks for all you do! We love and appreciate you! Sis Bubert