Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Cup is Full!

Last week we had Stake Conference.  It was wonderful and so spiritual.  President Ahlstrom talked about the Gospel being written in our hearts=true conversion.  It is the basics of the gospel:
1.  Gain knowledge-study the scriptures
2.  Prayer-communicate with God
3.  Service-Amulek says that if you don't serve, your prayers don't go anywhere.
4.  Attendance-to get into heaven, give the gift that the Lord doesn't have(because of the gift He has given us, free agency), our broken heart and contrite spirit. 
"If you’re not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to paint one on your heart—painted, as Paul said, “not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God.”  Elder Neil Anderson
Sunday afternoon, we went to a baptism.  Our mission had 17 baptisms last week.  It is wonderful to see how the gospel is changing people's lives!  This sister's 21 yo daughter was baptized one month ago.  She spoke at her mom's baptism.  It was awesome, the spirit was strong.
Then Sunday evening, we had the departure fireside for the Elders that are finishing their mission.  They bear their testimonies and we have special musical numbers by departing and present missionaries.  It was wonderful!  Again, the spirit was so strong.
Elder Williams was an AP.  We loved getting to know him better.
We took Elder Sheanshang to the Temple last November and had a wonderful spiritual experience.
Sisters in the parking lot.
Then on Tuesday, we took one elder to LAX as he was flying to New Zealand(the other 9 flew out of Long Beach Airport) and welcomed in 27 new sisters and elders.
Elder McIver and Elder McOmber at LAX
Elder McOmber talking to the new elders and sisters about bicycles.  He is rebellious because when he is throwing luggage, hauling beds and bikes and stuff for the missionaries, he does not wear his white shirt and tie.  He doesn't want to ruin any more clothes than he already has.
At one time we had the lobby of our building full of bicycles.  Elder McOmber fixes old ones and buys new ones for the missionaries.  He makes sure they have everything they need and know how to protect them.
Our "experienced" missionaries greeting our new missionaries before assignments.
A couple of our "super" missionaries at the office.
Today we went to Camp Pendleton.  We can get groceries on the Marine base.  We met up with our family from San Diego.  The kids all rush to see who can give the first hugs.  Caleb says Papa is "HIS".
Our son has the coolest job as a vet tech for the dolphins and sea lions.  This time we did not pet the dolphins, but it was fun to watch them in action.
Elder McOmber does wear a white shirt and tie when not moving things.
We had a wonderful picnic.  Didn't spend much time at the beach.  Did go shopping.
We celebrated Chad's 39th birthday(NOOOOOO I could not be old enough to have a 39 yo son!!!) with some homemade whole wheat angel food cake that Amy made.  Yummy!  (I have been a nurse for 39 years!)
Last Saturday I made some sundresses for Neli since she doesn't like being hot.  They were super easy and quick.  The mail is fast. She want to wear them all the time.
Quin her big brother being funny.  We Love getting pictures of them!
We had Elder Robert M. Packer of the 5th quorum of the 70 at Stake Conference.  He spoke on having a Christ centered home.  He said Satan loves to try us when we are doing what is right.  The last thing the Savior told us, when he visited the earth after his resurrection, was that he wanted us to do was Missionary Work. 

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  1. Your grandchildren are ADORABLE! Thank you for helping us get through another HUGE transfer. We couldn't do it without you and Elder McOmber!