Saturday, July 13, 2013

We are all important to each other!

Last Saturday, Elder McOmber and I went to the Newport Beach Temple.  It was wonderful to go.  There is such peace and it gives life the eternal perspective that we need to keep.  We were in a Korean session, so we used ear phones.  It was interesting, the sessions could be: English, Spanish, Finnish, Vietnamese, 2 types of Mongolian, Korean and Tongan.  Impressive.  It was neat to see my AMA(Area Medical Advisor), Dr and Sister Peterson at the temple.
We visited with Chad and family on Saturday also.  Then Sunday, they came to visit us.  Chad went on Tuesday to the Atlantic for his last TDY with the Military.  He retires in November, terminal leave starting in August.  I am too young to have a son retiring!!!!

Amy and one of their ward  missionaries played music for me...made me cry, but Chad "would not cry".  It was special, spiritual music.
Lonnie and Chad on Swing, making Lonnie's homemade ice cream. 
Chandler and I played Ladder ball
Colton, Chandler and I played Sequence, a board game.  We all love playing games- a legacy from Gogram and Grandpa Bailey.
Caleb, It is amazing how all the kids know their way around electronics.
Amy and Annalea.  I spilled a 2 quart picture of koolaid, I made another one and Chandler then spilled that all over his mom.  Amy is wearing Annalea's clothes.  Nice when you can wear your daughter's clothes.
President Tew is busy interviewing all the missionaries to get to know them better.  He even knows where they are from--impressive!  These 3 elders are waiting for their interview.
The president  taking a small break.
Amy and Dave came so Amy could go to Dr. appointment with me. She took meticulous notes.  The only thing she did not write down was my weight.  Thank you Amy!   I put her to work at the mission  office.  Dave helped Elder McOmber with setting up one apartment- moving furniture, etc.  Thank you Amy and Dave! 
We took a short drive down to Long Beach (along the coast).  This is Amy with the Queen Mary out her window.

We walked on the beach to find seashells at sunset with Amy and Dave.


Elder McOmber brushing his cat, he gave Amy the Starfish he found.  We will continue to look for another one.

We found this "sea urchin" that we couldn't figure out what it was. 
Duh, it is a play ball that has gone flat. 
Liz, Miranda, Bailey and Stetson came to visit late last night.  They overlapped their visit with Amy just for the one night.  Amy left today.  Bailey and Papa are out moving furniture.  They are helping to set up more apartments for the 31 new missionaries we are getting on Tuesday.
"May we show our love and appreciation for the Savior's atoning sacrifice through our simple , compassionate acts of service."  M. Russell Ballard

Miranda teaching the "Wobble" to Amy.

Miranda, Liz, Stetson,  Me, Amy

Dave and Stetson chilling.
I have stayed so busy, I have not thought much about the "C" word (cancer).  It is a good way to deny.  That is one of the steps in grieving, isn't it?  There isn't anything I can do at this time, so I might just as well stay busy.  I am trying to help the missionaries become more independent....  Giving them information about sicknesses and injuries.  I love them all so much and they are so caring.  Lonnie has told most of them about "it"  as that is his way of dealing with stress--talking.  The missionaries that know, have been exceptionally nice.  Some have even fasted and prayed for me.  Some wear pink ties.  They all are awesome!! 
My family has been awesome and good at helping me accept.  Sara and Amy have made all kinds of pink bracelets, the pink awareness signs, we wear pink on Tuesdays.  Liz was thinking about coming, we are glad she decided to come!  Talking with Sara on the phone and having Amy and Liz come has helped me accept and work through some of my feelings.  Sometimes you just need a good girlfriend to talk to and all my daughters are my girlfriends!  (Sara is helping keep up our home in ID-we are thankful we don't need to worry about that.  She would be here in a heartbeat if we said to come!)  Jami is busy with her work and family;  we miss her and her family also!
I pray that I can keep doing my missionary service.  Elder McOmber will stay busy helping even while I am recuperating.
 I am scheduled for surgery on July 23rd.  Will talk to a Dr on Monday to see which surgery he will do.  I still know that the Lord is in charge and helping. 
We have had awesome medical care at the VA.  Everyone that we have interacted with, has been  a patient advocate.  Very impressive. 
I appreciate Yvette Boyce taking care of my granddaughter at Volleyball Camp at UVU.  Miranda was touched by the compassion Yvette showed her. I have talked and received messages from some of my friends at EIRMC,  I appreciate the support!  We are all important to each other!!!!
 Thank you to all my friends and relatives. I love you!


  1. We love you too! We are paying for you as well. Good luck with everything and let us know if we can help in any way!

  2. I love all of these beautiful photos - especially of your amazing family and the incredible temple! We continue to pray for you and I will join in wearing pink on Tuesdays! You and Elder McOmber are two of my heroes for many reasons :) I love you, Cathy