Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Love General Conference

We drove to Irvine Mission office to pick up the flu vaccine for our missionaries.  We drove along the Pacific Coast Highway.  You can see the oil rig and some surfers in the water.  I love the drive!
I love General Conference and it is amazing how fast quotes come up on facebook.  I was checking out my facebook between sessions and there were several of my favorites on there already.  The talks always are aimed directly at me, I think. (although I know they are for everyone).  They do help me.  I especially liked Elder Holland's direct talk on Mental illness and Elder Uchtdorf's talk on "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!"

Above all, never lose faith in your Father in Heaven who loves you more than you comprehend - Elder Holland

I can not wait for the Ensign so I can reread all the talks.  I end up marking them all up, but they give me such strength and direction.

This week I went into the office for 1/2 days, but didn't think to take pictures of our missionaries.  Because of being immunosuppressed, I try to stay away from the sickest missionaries and triage and counsel over the phone.  My phone has been plenty busy!!!  
Our son Chad, drove from Corpus Christi, Texas for a job interview.  It was a 20 hour trip each way for a 40 minute interview.  The best part was that he visited us.  He and I just sat in the motor home on Tuesday afternoon and  had a wonderful time visiting, giggling and reminiscing.

Chad and me,  This is a hat that my sister made for me.
I had my second round of Chemo on Friday. Sam has been my nurse both of the times for chemo.  It is fun to share my testimony and talk about nursing.  He is getting his master's in nursing on the internet, just as two of my daughters are doing. (Amy and Jami). 
Here I am getting chemo, This time they only had to stick me once to get my port, thank goodness.  I am listening to music on my ipod that  wonderful friends gave to me.  I  also read a book that was given to me about two of my favorite hobbies, photography and quilting- it is about how to take a good pic then turn it into a quilt.  I am dreaming of quilts I can make--someday.
   Today is day 15 from my first chemo.  They say your hair falls out on day 10-14, so I woke up this morning and it was still there, I thought, "oh good, maybe I won't loose it.  It is stubborn like me and not going to fall out."   Wrong-While watching conference Lonnie said he watched as I moved and it would fly all over.  He walked over and a clump fell out into his hand so I had him shave it off. He said it just about fell off rather than him shave it off.  My granddaughter, Maci, wants to see me with no hair, well I still have stubble, but here it is...
Lonnie cut his hair after this so it is as short as mine.  They say a husband and wife begin to look alike the longer they are married.  We will have been married 20 years next month, do we look alike?   I wear a dew rag or hat all the time as it is cold without my hair.
On my ipod I was looking through the files and came across this cute picture that made me smile.  Avri and Neli must have taken their picture when there were visiting in August.

Jesus Christ heals body, mind, and spirit and his healing begins with faith   Elder Dyches

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  1. You are beautiful - inside and out! We love you and pray for you every day!