Saturday, November 23, 2013

Awesome week!

" ....He(the Lord) will assist us in our labors if we will act in faith to fulfill His work."  President Monson

The seasons are changing, there are leaves blowing on the ground and there are geese heading south (here).  This week we had a General Authority here to talk to us.  It was wonderful--keep reading to know more, He said we all must have been living right in the preexistence to be assigned here in California Long Beach for a mission.  (The best mission in the world!).   It was rainy and cloudy most of the week, a rare event here.  I love hearing the rain on the roof of our motor home, it is so relaxing.  I know this is where the Lord wanted us when we first received our assignment, but throughout our mission, it has become even more apparent.  
     It was transfer week.  Lonnie and I were talking about how we might make the transition better.  He seems to be in great demand and there is "some" chaos.  Everyone needs his attention all at the same time. He works from early morning to late night, as well as his P day, to try to meet every one's needs. Our Assistants to the President (AP's) are awesome and we are all working on this, then I told Lonnie that there are only going to be 2 more transfers that we will be here for......amazing.
      We had 15 go home this transfer and only received 10 new missionaries and no visa waiters.  It was the smallest number we have had in several transfers (since the announcements about age changes a year ago.)  We now have   261 missionaries.
Some of our "newest" missionaries, one from Tonga, one from Vietnam(but has lived in the US.) and one from Hawaii.  Another one is a US citizen, but had been adopted from Russia at the age of 2.  It is fun visiting with them.
Some of our "older" missionaries--seem to be more relaxed.
Greeting their trainers.  One elder said he has waited his whole life to meet his trainer.  
I meet with all new missionaries to talk about their health and to tell them to DRINK WATER(smile).  This is in our office.  Southern California has excellent medical care, so often those needing medical help are sent to Southern California.  It helps me to know if they will need  to see a Dr or if they are on medication, etc.  It is a great opportunity to meet and greet all the new missionaries.
Elder McOmber helps them with their bicycles and loves teaching them about many things.
Elder McOmber enlisted help form Elder Williams.  He is putting the new bikes together, notice two supervisors.
I like the look of the apron.  That is Elder McOmber's side of the office, full of tools, papers, bike parts, etc.
As I mentioned earlier, we had Elder and Sister Packer of the Seventy come and give zone conferences two days.  They are wonderful speakers and I loved listening(I only went on Friday).  
     Sister Packer talked about the power that was in the room with 1/2 of our missionaries.  I agree, I loved listening to them sing, so heartfelt and rich sounding!  She talked about teaching with the Spirit and how the missionaries do the teaching, but the Spirit converts  She said ways to keep the spirit is to:  1. Fix companionships   2.  Keep their apartments clean--YAAAA, 3.  Don't let the little things trip you up, 4. Be exactly obedient 5.How to use family history to help with the spirit in teaching.   She told us all we should do something different tomorrow because of the zone conference.  I have a list of things that I need to improve on.
     Elder Packer took up most of the time and was impressive, as I don't remember him ever looking at any notes.  He taught about 4-5 hours.  I have a page of notes that I will not share all, but I would like to share a couple.  He said he was walking in the halls of Church Headquarters and one of the apostles (I don't remember which one) asked him if he was learning a new language  He thought it might be a hint at a new assignment, and asked if he should learn a particular language(The apostle knew he spoke English and Spanish).  But the apostle said "No, just choose one".  He said when the apostles speak, listen.  He and his wife discussed it and are working on Portuguese.  They were able to share their testimonies in Brazil 3 weeks ago.
     Another thing that impressed me was:  He talked about the Work of Salvation being like our passport to travel to another country. We have to make sure all our credentials are in order to be allowed into another country.  We have to have our passport and visas, travel plans, etc.  We are here on earth to gather all our credentials so that we may be allowed into our Father in Heaven's presence.
     He also talked about the changes happening in the work missionaries do, not "missionary work".  The home is the new MTC.
     There was so much good I can not include it all.  I loved and soaked up all the information.  He also emphasized Family History and incorporating it into the work missionaries do.
After the conference, some elders had a dead battery(they were late and forgot and left their lights on).  They wanted Elder McOmber, but he was not there, but I had jumper cables and was able to be a good substitute.

After Zone conference

This week seems to have been better for me.  Maybe the new chemo drug is not as debilitating as the first 4 treatments were.  Whatever the cause, I am very thankful.  It also helps to do service.  It takes your mind off your own problems and you realize everyone has problems--we are here on earth to learn and help each other.  I am thankful for our opportunity to serve!
[The Lord] will sanctify your [missionary] efforts, and you will gain a capacity beyond your own to lift and bless the lives of others."
”Thomas S. Monson, "Faith in the Work of Salvation"

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  1. It's so wonderful to have a General Authority visit the mission - it sounds like the Packers were awesome! I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling less sick :) I'm praying you will continue to do well with your treatments. As Thanksgiving approaches I am counting my blessings and you and Elder McOmber are definitely among my most special and most appreciated blessings! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do for the Great California Long Beach Mission.