Saturday, November 9, 2013

Occasional Fuzzy Brain

This week we had our 3 other Zone Conferences(the first 3 was 2 weeks ago.  We have such awesome missionaries!!  This was in the foyer of one of the church buildings where we had conference.  I think it was in Cypress.  I loved it so much, but the board reflected the light and I could not seem to change my angle to not have a reflection and I could not find out where to turn the lights off..  I think you can still enjoy the message!
I love teaching at these zone conferences and feel it a privilege that I am allowed 20 minutes to present to these wonderful missionaries..  
My subject was again, "How to stay awake in meetings and studies."  Here is a couple more quotes I used in my power point presentation:
This is my favorite:
Someone asked President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985), “What do you do when you find yourself in a boring sacrament meeting?” His answer was a little surprising: “I don’t know. I’ve never been in one.” .
 I make the missionaries tell me why someone 90 years old never went to a boring meeting:  They did come up with the answer. They also told me many ways to stay awake.  I have had many calls asking that question, but see, they knew the answers all along!

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles recently taught:
“Young people increasingly need to be learners who act and thereby receive additional light and knowledge by the power of the Holy Ghost—and not merely passive students who primarily are acted upon.”

Wishing will not make it so. The Lord expects our thinking. He expects our action. He expects our labors. He expects our testimonies. He expects our devotion."
Thomas S. Monson, "To the Rescue"

 I had several missionaries thank me afterwards, I hope I can give them information that they can take with them the rest of their lives.  I KNOW that they all will drink more water the rest of their lives because of me hounding theme to DRINK MORE WATER!

We have twin brothers from Cambodia in our mission, The Elders Sam
Elder Barlow and Elder McOmber checking the cars during Zone Conference.  Elder Barlow is able to present about driver safety and Elder McOmber talked about bicycle safety, not using the word "like" too much and apartment cleanliness.
President Tew and one of his counselors, President Deveroux and his wife.  He has just recently gotten another counselor.  (I think his name is Porter-sorry fuzzy brain does not remember short therm well.)
I showed a picture of this quilt before, but this is the Elder whose mother made the quilt for me, Elder Kuhlman.  I know I have had earthly and heavenly angel attending to me, otherwise I could not do all that I am able to do!  My hat was made by a friend in our home ward.  She made me two and I received many compliments about them.
Elder Kuhlman shared at the lunch table that he and his companion have been extremely busy because the members keep finding them people to teach.  YAAAAAA!  That is the way it is suppose to be!   He said they have 2 baptisms today and 1 scheduled for next week.  All have been brought in by members first.  He said that one lesson, the member gave the lesson and did the talking and the missionaries just agreed with him.   They are in a Spanish branch that sounds like it is growing by leaps and bounds!
This is my off week ( I have chemo every other Friday) and day 2-5 are very hard.  I usually  sit in a chair and the only thing I do is answer the phone.  So far, on my worse days, I don't get very many calls, I think the Lord is taking care of me.  But then when I am able to start thinking clearer, I seem to get many more calls from our missionaries.  This week (after my couple of days of stupor) I had interactions (calls and/or texts) with at least 35 different missionaries plus parents and doctors. (That means many more that 60 individual interactions)  It was a busy day! We love being able to help the missionaries.  Elder McOmber was busy this week moving more missionaries, fixing bikes, visiting some elderly people in our ward here, and varnishing a bed head/foot board for the President's home as well as checking cars at Zone conference..  Plus he takes care of me!!!! (He does an excellent job of doing that!)

We received a box from family this week with Elder McOmber's birthday present (not for 4 more weeks) and Christmas presents.  We were allowed to open them now.  We had fun  opening presents/having a "party".  And have already put our gifts to good use!  We have received many compliments about them also!
"It isn't enough to just be on the journey; we must be awake to our duty and continue with faith as we draw upon the comforting, strengthening, enabling, and healing power of the Atonement."

Carole M. Stephens, "Wide Awake to Our Duties"

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  1. It is so exciting to see how the Great California Long Beach Mission continues to grow! The Lord's work always moves forward! You and Elder McOmber are such a big part of keeping the mission going - I hope you know you are loved, appreciated and prayed for!