Sunday, July 1, 2012

Elder McOmber is flying high.

My roses first thing in the morning with the dew on them.
I needed something to make our "home" more of a home.  I wanted flowers.  Lonnie (and I) love roses so we got two bushes that we set outside of our motorhome.  The rabbits like them.  They leave their droppings in the pots at the base. 
Our "home" before going to work in the morning.  The rose bushes out our door.
This week we had 3 zone conferences and met with all of the Elders and Sisters in our mission.  I feel I am starting to put faces and names together and get to know them.  It was wonderful! I was able to give a presentation .  I made a power point and talked about the importance of staying well hydrated. It went very well and of course I love teaching.  I am so impressed with our Elders and Sisters, they want to go out to work even when they are sick.  They are disappointed when I tell them they have to stay in for a temperature of 102.0 degrees.  They want to keep up the Good Work.  Dr Jackson, my "boss" (Area Medical Advisor), says I am doing a "good" job and have made a difference already.  I hope so. 
It is interesting how the Lord works, he does know the big picture and cares about each of us.  Our mission president's wife had to go home for a death in her family.  She is the one who had taken the calls from the Elders and Sisters when they were sick, so it was good I am here at this time, so she could leave and not worry about them and take care of her family.
Our Mission President got tickets for a LA Dodgers baseball game.  The game itself was boring, they lost 9-0, but President Uchtdorf threw the first pitch.  At the end of the game Lonnie went to get a couple that were in another section and "ran" into pres. Uchtdorf and his wife and was able to shake their hands.  That made his whole week!

Lonnie, me, Ottisons, Sister Blickenstaff
before the game.
We sat in the "home run, all you can eat" section.
We ate hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, nachos and drinks--too much!
President Uchtdorf at the LA Dodgers Game.

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