Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Looking at downtown Long Beach (taken a couple of weeks ago)
Happy 4th of July!!  We went to a ward breakfast on the 4th.  Lonnie jumped right in making pancakes--he feels it is his "official duty".  Besides he enjoys doing it.  I helped with the set up and talked to a few people.   Satan was working hard on me....I got real homesick when the grandparents and their grandkids all started coming in. The best cure is to work!   Missionaries(the younger ones) don't celebrate the holidays, so we worked visiting their apartments the rest of that day.  It was good.  We have such good, dedicated Elders and Sisters!  We sometimes have trouble finding parking at their apartments, I told Elder McOmber, "the Lord will provide" and He always does! In the evening, a member invited us to her home for a picnic and to watch the fireworks from Los Alamitos Military base.  They were good (not as good as Idaho Falls though).  We felt at home with lots of kids and waterballoon fights and the police stopping after they set off some illegal fireworks.  :0)  After that Lonnie and I sat down by the wetlands near our campground and watched the fireworks all along the beach in Huntington Beach and Seal Beach.  It was pretty with them reflected in the water.
Did you know there is a scripture about handwashing?  Check it out  2 Samuel 22:21.  I put an article in the newsletter about handwashing.  I like to back everything up with scriptures.    Cool huh?
The mission opened 3 new apartments (closed 2)Lonnie helped with the moving.  That took two full days.  He loves helping!
Lonnie had burned his head and ears so the mission Pres. said he could get a hat.  These are the hats we found at a swap meet.  We found the closest commisary and BX about 25 miles away, but all freeway;  good deals on groceries. We are getting the feel of the area around us better now.
Hope you all had a wonderful celebration for our country's birthday party!!  We are so fortunate to live in a free country, and yes, I cried when we heard "I am proud to be an American", as usual.

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