Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun Family times

Last weekend some of our family came to visit.   Yaaaa!  This is Sara, Neli, Amy,Quin, Avri and Maci.  The door behind them is to my office.  The map shows the boundaries of our mission.  They were here for 2 1/2 funfilled days.

My computer crashed last weekend, I apoligize for not "blogging" last week.  It has taken all week, until Friday evening for a computer place to fix it.  I had several "bad" things on it and alot of pictures, so it took them along time to save my data, but wipe the rest of my computer clean.  (Thank heaven for being able to save my data !!!!)   Sara is going to send me my programs that I lost.  Should have brought them....should of, could of, but didn't.  I had some with me and some I could get from the internet, but the mail is fast for the rest.  It is amazing how dependent we are on electronics and technology!

While my family was visiting, we had a very special treat!  Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve just happen to be passing through on his way to a vacation and wanted to talk to our missionaries.  President Bubert said to bring our family to the talk.  WOW!  We all got to shake his and his wives hands.  Elder McOmber also was able to go to lunch with him, I played with family.
Elder Ballard talked about missionary work, of course.  He said we need to "internalize" Preach my Gospel, "internalize" the gospel and the doctrines, then go and teach.  Study then confidence comes.  Use the spirit to teach.  It was awesome!
My family got to meet all 154 missionaries that I help try to keep healthy.

My family walking with Elder and Sister Ballard out to the cars.

We went to a concert in the park, Quin loved dancing, we blew bubbles and had a picnci.  Avri and Maci played with other kids around us.
We went to the Pier on Seal Beach.
Beach "Bums"Maci, Avri, Quin, Neli
Playing in the water, Seal Beach Pier in the background.
On Seal Beach Pier
We had fun flying kites, our "home" is the one you can see with the American Flag.  Quin (3yo) was really good at keeping his kite up in the air!  We could have done this all day.
On top of Signal Hill, the pacific ocean and downtown Long Beach in the background.

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